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January 1, 2015: I became the Vice President of the San Francisco Astrological Society. I am also the Director of Publicity and Outreach. That's what I've been doing these last three years since I've not been making new polymer clay tutorials.

UPDATE: 2/7/2015 "Saying Solly" is getting published! I don't know the title of the collection but it is supposed to be due out by Mother's Day 2015.

Because the agreement with the publisher is that the story is not already published I have to remove it from my website until after the publication date. Once it is published it will be returned to my website.

"Saying 'solly' " is a short story written in 2006, for a collection that was to be called "If it's not one thing, it's your mother".  The collection never found a publisher so I put the story up here on my website.

This will be my first officially published written work. My family is thrilled. I'm gobsmacked amazed and relieved at the same time.
Sun GifApril 2015: Thank you all for donating to my GoFundMe campaign! I am fully funded and my student Dentist, Chandni Patel, and her faculty at The University of The Pacific Dental College are stunned beyond belief. This is the first time they can remember anyone getting crowd funding for dental work and having all the funds come in before the last three appointments. 
MyMother-Myself4/28/2015: My copy of "My Mother - Myself" came in today. My first published short story "Saying Solly" is on page 80. In the back there are write-ups  about all the writers and they left out one of my grandsons. I have four grandsons and one granddaughter.

This collection of short stories will be available at Amazon in a couple of months but if you want to order a copy before Mother's Day you can purchase a copy at...

All the contributors in this collection of short stories have donated their work.

For me it is in memory of Edy Henderson, who passed away before she was able to see this book come to fruition. We all know she's whispering "It's about time..." since it took 8 years.

3/21/16: Read "Saying Solly" here in the Bonsai Trailer Court. 


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