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4/16/16: CITY-o-Clay, COCModSquad, and CITY-Leaders WordPress sections have been taken down from the section of this website. This does not effect the Yahoo Groups they were part of. They will not be rebuilt because they were not visited much at all and CITY-Lists Yahoo Family is fading into the sunset. This is just the beginning of the end.
GeekGranny4/16/16/ Geek Granny strikes again.

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. I was updating my WordPress sections, about 10 of them, because some sections of two of them got infected with malware. Update your WP and Plug-ins folks. Anyway in the process of trying to do a good thing I messed up and had to rebuilt
Tosh's Martial arts WordPress site.

But I also messed up my Blog2. I have a handful of other blogs I can use so I'm not going to rebuild that. Too much work for not much in return.
Old Astrology Blog not part of the new Domain
New Astrology Blog part of the new Domain  but not used much
A Sample WordPress site set up to raise money to fix my teeth. Update: 9-14-17: Just took a look at that sample WordPress site and I amuse myself. With the help of my generous ClayMates and Astro Folks I raised over $5K to fix my teeth: 5 extractions, 5 gold crowns (same cost as porcelain) and a partial denture to fill the gaps of my upper jaw. I thank you one and all.

That's not counting the various blogs that I have floating about off of my website.  Not that I'm at all regular with any of them.

I'm just glad that I didn't link but a few blog posts to my website so there's not much repair to do. So if you are spelunking around my website and fall across broken links to the blog don't say you weren't warned. You can send me a direct message as to which link is broken, if you want. But I'm going to go cook rice. That I think I can do without messing it up.
Mom-5-20-2014Blog Being REBUILT Due To WordPress Problem 4-16-16

3-21-2016: My mother passed away around 8 pm tonight.

One might think that blogging about my mother passing and sharing it on my website is a weird way of dealing with a parent's death. But y'all have known me for a decade and a half and I always share important rites of passage online. Especially when it's surrounded by so many extraordinary coincidents.

Odd that I had just re-uploaded "
Saying Solly" to this website just hours before she passed away. It is a short story that is mostly autobiographical, about my mother. It is in a collection of stories in a book titled "My Mother, My Self"

I was sending a group direct message on Facebook to my four grown sons just at the moment she was passing. Also an odd coincidence.

Lastly, it's between the Solar and Lunar Eclipse, which often sees people cross over. I told my sister Linda that I felt Mom would pass on during this between the eclipse time frame.
SF mapBlog Being REBUILT Due To WordPress Problem 4-16-16

3/21/2016 :

Repost Take 2: Native San Franciscians a Dying Breed 

This is a repost from 2006, for Angela Beck, who was looking for it on, which closed down in 2014. I found it on Web.Archive.Org and rebuilt it

This is the first blog post, or reposting, I've done since Hilda (my long time neighbor) passed away. Maybe this will be the start of my being more active on my blogs and on this website.

A good intention for the new astrological year.

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