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Chop Index 2005

These sculptures were the first items I made with chopped sheets with mirror images. They all came out looking spooky. In fact, in 1999 when these were shown the list was a bit taken aback. I think that the list is now more open to weird sculptures so I've dug these old pictures out to share again.  More "What's the Point?" nattering at the bottom of this page.
Spooky sheets 1999

How To Make Sheets Like This. 10-05-05

Hunka Burning Love 1999

Ghost Dance 1999

Snake Goddess 1999

Yow 1999

A bit of nattering sent as a post to CITY-o-Clay. So you know what they have to put up with all the time.


There's 6 sections. Four are sculptures done in 1999. One section shows five examples of different chop mixes done as mirror image sheets. One section is brand new on how to make spooky sheets.

I'm bringing these four sculptures out for Halloween because everyone who sees them says they are "spooky". Chopped mirror images are more of a mirror of the artist than a picture in and of itself, so I guess I'm spooky. I do love H.R. Giger, for example... 

I love Frida Kahlo


So these four sculptures are sort of a blend of Giger and Kahlo in a way. I use a lot of Tongues of Fire which went into the Day of the Dead Skull Cane.

The silver, black and pearl came from the LEXX Iris, oh I love LEXX too, which is more weird than spooky. That's only if a 2,000 year old undead assassin isn't spooky to you.

Look at the two pictures at the end of this LEXX Iris Cane section and you'll see the start of some of some spooky chopped mirror images.

But the LEXX Iris chopped up turned into Giger sort of images.

The four sculptures were done in 1999 when I didn't know about sanding or finished. So they are looking a little rough, but that was ok. I was on a roll. I was having a great time. When I shared it with the list the response was...

"uh... I dunno about this.."

Back in 1999 there were less than a hundred list members and most of them were doll house enthusiasts and miniaturists, who weren't usually exposed to the spooky or really creepy like these things are. I mean where in a doll house can these be used?

My feeling was "It's ART". Art doesn't have to have a purpose other than to express something that is within the artist. It doesn't have to be pretty, or fun, or nice, or useful. It just IS.

I think the make up of the list now is a little different. I know that the list now has Goths, Witches (real ones), doll deconstructionists and a whole bunch of folks who might be amused by these old items.

What's the point? I want all of you to be free to express what ever it is inside of you. Sometimes you can find your muse in some chopped cane done as a mirror image and this section shows you how to pull that image forward to sculpt something with it.

Just because polymer clay is often used in happy happy joy joy ways doesn't mean that more darker subjects can't be made with them. Everyone who's been here for any length of time knows that I don't do "cute" all that well. "Cute" ain't me. Beads and jewelry are after thoughts made with scraps and cane ends. They aren't a focus for me. Sculpting I had to do because my husband would have gone on strike if I didn't.

This spooky stuff is sincere expression of what is inside of me as an artist. I've come to recognize that and not feel bad about it. I look to Frida for inspiration. She was unafraid to face her nightmares and paint them.

So if you don't do "cute", aren't into beads, a regular doll house would give you nightmares, sexy fairies and mermaids make you want to do them damage, then we might be on to something with this new web section.

I can't stop laughing after that last paragraph. But seriously folks, my hope is that you free yourself up with your clay efforts. I hope you're not feeling pressured to make what's already out there and make something that is personal for you, unique and if it's spooky, show it to me.

It is the season to be spooky after all.

So that's what I've been doing for the last couple of days. What's on your work table?




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