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September 2003

Pen Pals Index

Pen Pals Group One Index

Green Girl Pen Pal Index: Her space in the Pen Pal directory.


Female Group - 1: 09-07-03 These ladies were made during demo this last week for the MSATClayArt (now called CITY-o-Clay)group. They are in various states of completion and the pictures aren't the best. What is important here is the concept that covered pens don't have to be flat. Sculpted figures can be utilitarian.

Screen Shots of the making of a Male Pen Pal. We've decided in Demo on 09-04-03, to call these "Pen Pals" here is the how-to on starting a covered pen in the shape a man. Thank you Sharon/shargoose for getting these screen shots. Watch Jackie "Clay Along" side by side while I'm doing Demo. Both Shots are seen!!

09-04-04: Pen Pal Demo - 1: The first Demo on making a Pen Pal, it goes with the screen shots above.

09-05-03: DemoLog for Pen Pals -2: Starting the Dancing Lady and a Surprise visit from my Son, Daughter in Law and Grand Daughter.

09-05-03: DemoLog-Pen Pals-3: Evening Demo after the family visit. Still working on Pen Pals and Denise is working on her MerMan.

09-06-03: DemoLog Pen Pals-4: Afternoon Demo, still working with Pen Pals, folks popping in and out of chat.

09-06-03-DemoLog -5: Review of Sculpting. Aluminum foil armature, using the food processor to mix clay colors, doing the taffy pull, covering the armature with clay and starting the sculpting process for the Jolly Green Giantess.

Back in April 2003, the first sculpted covered pen was done. The Sleeping Lady Pen. I gave it away on impulse so this is one of the reasons why I'm making a boatload of them now.

Sleeping Lady Pen - 002: After a day of fussing with her, 04-04-03


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