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Review Index Review of Mixing Colors

Mixing Colors, 08-30-2010 - A more lengthy ramble.

I do encourage everyone to mix their colors from the Primary colors. I buy Primary colors of Red, Yellow and Blue and mix Orange, Green and Purple from them. Mix in white to those colors we have Pink, light Yellow, light Blue, etc. Mix Pink and Orange together and get Peach, Yum.  

Mix Gold and Silver with Primary and Secondary colors and get some lovely effects. I like Green with Gold on leaf cane.

The Color Cards section shows how I keep track of mixing experiments.

When you mix your own colors you have a wider pallet to work with than you'll ever see on the shelf of the craft supply store. Also you'll be able to repeat colors at will rather than wait for the next shipment to come in to the store. The colors I suggest one buy in bulk for mixing colors are:


Red + Yellow = Orange

Red + Blue = Purple

Blue + Yellow = Green

Add more of one color than the other and you get colors like blue-green. Add white to any of those and you get pastels. Add translucent to any of these mixes and you can get "juicy" colors.

if you want to get fancy


if you're making mini treats

Burnt Umber - great for chocolate
Raw Sienna - great for milk chocolate

Like the chocolate coating on donuts

That's a dozen colors. From those colors you can mix any hue. Try Gold and Pearl together, it's lovely. These 12 colors are the only ones I use regularly. I buy them by the pound and mix the Secondary colors and custom colors from scratch. I've found that finding the mix I like I am making clay things that please me more than using colors straight out of the pack.

Also for mini food makers mixing your colors and using a lot of no color Translucent is the only way you'll be able to replicate real food. You can't find the colors pre-mixed that will work for mini food outside of Burnt Umber and Raw Sienna.


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