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Review of Sculpting Known Faces

04-23-08: A post to CITY-o-Clay

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Human Study

Sculpting known faces is a practice I indulge in. Honest, it's easier to sculpt a face you can look at than make some stuff up out of your head. Left to my own devices all the faces I sculpt will be Asian. That's what I'm most used to looking at.

One trick to sculpting a known face is to do a study, picture collage/collection of the target face.

Patrick Stewart




Bruce Willis




Nigel Bennett/Prince of Fire - LEXX




Michael McManus/Kai - LEXX





Lex Gigeroff/ Creator of LEXX (One of Three Creators)




When you have a bunch of pictures, looking right and left, up and down, happy and sad, sober and drunk, then you have all the different angles you can see a face. Those are the guides when you sculpt. Does the under part of the nose look like the picture? Does the profile? Are the eyes big enough, apart wide enough? Check the picture.



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