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Review Index 10-18-09- Review of TLS:

Stacy asked what "TLS" was when it was mentioned in a post on CITY-o-Clay. I thought it was a great question because there are a number of new members and they might not yet know.

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From: stacy james

What is TLS?


Good question, because I'm sure that there are new clayers here that are too shy to ask the question.

TLS is Translucent Liquid Sculpey.

It is polymer clay in a liquid form and it has a ton of different uses, not the least of which it makes gravy flow on a mini meal.



Mayo for deviled egg sandwiches:



Or put some frosting on mini cinibuns:



That's just using white clay with TLS.

If you mix TLS with an avacado cane, mix it up you get...



If you mix it with purple clay for one part and toasty top for another part you get...



By mixing TLS with solid clay for some color you can make a quick hair do, "swirl and curl" as it were. Here I am adding TLS to black clay, mixing it up to a cake frosting consistency and giving Johanna some hair.

When you sculpt a face and cure it, sometimes it doesn't come out exactly as you want it to. You can file that cured sculpted face to be closer to what you want, but then you have the scratch marks the file makes. Fill in those scratch marks with some "skin" colored clay with TLS and use it like spakle on a dry wall.
Scroll down, the "before" picture is under the "after" picture.


The wonderful thing about polymer clay in liquid form is you can cure it, then file it, sand it, carve it, add more raw clay to it, and just do anything you can do to solid polymer clay. But since it is in liquid form you can get effects that are "drippy". Linda is wanting to do a technique for beading that is a melted glass form called Lampwork.

"Lampworking is a type of glasswork that uses a gas fueled torch to melt rods and tubes of clear and colored glass. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with a variety of tools and hand movements."

In order to do that with polymer clay she needed to get polymer clay in a "drippy" format and that meant taking TLS and mixing solid clay in it for color.

I like to use TLS with mini food colors to get sauces that flow, like salad dressing, spaghetti sauce, pizza toppings, and toppings for the banana split...

The whipped cream and the syrup topping for the banana split was made with TLS and solid clay for color.

But I especially love it to smooth out the scratchy marks after filing a face. The transformation is amazing, like with Cowboy Kai...



A lot of doll makers paint on eyebrows with paint and that makes the eyebrow flat. It reminds me of when women would shave off their real eyebrows and pencil in some McDonald's arch in place, looking perpetually startled.

I'd rather mix TLS with the solid clay of the hair color and slather on some eyebrows. After curing the eyebrows have a texture because the clay doesn't "dry flat" like paint. It cures just as you left it there.


You can even use TLS with skin color clay to lay on some eyelids.


There are other brands of liquid polymer clay. The term "TLS" has been used for so many years because for a long time Sculpey was the only manufacturer that made liquid polymer clay.

Now you can even get it in other colors. Denise used black TLS to make the sunglasses for Neo from the Matrix movie...

I saw that sculpture in real life and it is very impressive. I broke the 10th Commandment with that danged sculpture by Denise, who is one of our volunteers here ... for the new members who might not know.


Lastly, TLS is good to use in lieu of glue. I say "Screw Glue" I got TLS. When I was making the giraffe color card I used it to put the little ribbons down on the cured clay card.

If I didn't that little ribbon wouldn't have stayed put.

TLS lasts forever, I mean I have TLS in nearly empty bottles that have been around for years and it still flows. I just got to turn it upside down and wait a bit. It doesn't "dry out". When you are doing TLS hair styles, you can do the swirl and curl, go to bed and sleep, and then next day the uncured TLS hair style is where you put it. It also will not "melt' in the oven and slither down the back of your doll's head. Some thought it might.

So, that's just some of what you can do with TLS. It's a worthwhile investment to get an 8oz bottle for your worktable. You never know where you're going to use it, but if you didn't have it around you'd never get to find out how to use it.

I'll use this post as a new "review" page. I thought I had a TLS page up on my website already, but evidently not.

Good question, Stacy. I'm glad you asked it.




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