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 10-5-02 Elvis is having a Blue Christmas part of the over all Elvis Effort, Prep for Blue Christmas

Elvis came into Demo last night just to greet Syl for the late show.

While Aunt Jude and I were chilling waiting for Syl, she asked about
image transfer and different paper types. That made me flash on these
pictures I just cut out. As I'm digging around in my clipped picture
pile Aunt Jude is typing about doing this Elvis Box for her young male
relative. I turn to show the pictures I want to do image transfer or
something with and it's the Elvis Pictures from the TV Guides I got
during his death anniversary. I'm just so totally stunned that Aunt
Jude is typing Elvis and I'm digging out Elvis clippings and we both
want to do the same thing. Then Syl comes into chat to see my Elvis
clippings while she already knows about the Box that Aunt Jude wants
to make. Whew...

Clay Synchronicity cannot be ignored.

So ... One way I find I like to celebrate Christmas in a secular way
is by having a Blue Christmas. I had a girlfriend throw a Blue
Christmas Party with 1950 Blue and Silver theme, down to the food. I
had the time of my life, totally unforgettable evening.

I thought I'd like to throw a Blue Christmas party or something one
day but it was a little problematic beings that secular Christmas
activities were avoided because we were as broke as the 10
Commandments. Too poor to pay...attention to a consumer driven
activity. But now the children are grown, their expectations adjusted
so they didn't get disappointed during the holidays. Odd thing that,
now my third born son, the one with children and In-Laws, tells me he
would rather come hang out with me and Said and eat feta cheese and
pita bread with black olives, to have a little birthday party for
Jesus. Nice and quiet like, sing some songs, stay sober, pray.

Like I'm always saying, traditions and culture are made up, arbitrary,
and not written in stone. We can make up what ever new tradition we
want. We can also say "No Thank You" to any tradition that is forced
upon us and that makes us feel bad.

Being poor in a buying frenzy makes folks feel bad. Secular traditions
around the holidays are especially cruel with the global economy on a
down turn. Good time to create new traditions that don't cost much,
but are filled with love and fun. Love and fun are two things that
feel good. Coveting and feeling bad for not being able to spend money
never felt good to me.

It never felt right to do that around Jesus' birthday. It always made
me blue, always humming Elvis's Blue Christmas as I avoided the frenzy
of get-me-buy-me-spend-spend-spend.....

Traditions begin where we choose to start them.

Traditions can end where they do not work for us anymore.

LeLax and Chill, two major tenants in my observances. Love and Fun are
good too. I'm starting to do my NowNowThereThere for the holidays,
just as the Firemen are already gathering up Toys for Tots.

If you want to give for the Holidays, do clay alongs in the WebCam
Demos. Like a quilting bee or any other gathering of humans doing
creative things together, it's social bonding, folks can share the how
to and well wishes. If you want to wrap up stuff for folks to unwrap
then it's time to start making stuff and putting it up. Then when
everyone else is running around doing last minute shopping with road
rage at the mall... you got your feet up, feeling pretty calm, can
sing some songs and admire the night time stars, because you started
now, here, with us.

Elvis is having a Blue Christmas: Clay Needed to Clay Along, Colbalt
Blue or Pearl Blue, Silver. Gold and Pearl used sparingly. Mostly Blue
and Silver, putting the two colors through their paces with blends,
jelly rolls, fan folds, adding dots to stripes, making leaves,
everything we can think of, with these few colors. If you want Elvis
picture decoupages with TLS. Face Off Folks, I'm sculpting an Elvis
face. Those are the Techniques. The Theme, Christmas, Chanukah, or any
other Belief System that needs some decoration.

The aim is to build a little Elvis Room Box, decked out for the
holidays of your choice. The Elvis Blue Christmas (or holiday of your
choice) Room Box in Blue and Silver.

(My Elvis impersonation)




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