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September 23, 2002 1:34 PM
Subject: LELAX HOSTS AND SWAPPERS (Was- Animal Skin Swap)

Dag and everyone else:

I'm sending chimbos to claymates individually, my frogs are lined up
on a tile figuring that they might have to hop on over to their
claymate on their own also, what else...

There's no late on swaps I host. I ain't got that kind of energy
shares to invest in something that's just supposed to be a motivator
to get people putting their hands into clay.

The arbitrary deadline for swaps is not the goal, not my aim of the
swap. In a competitive environment it is often seen as a race, to
best your fellow swappers, surprise them the most with keeping swap
secrets. Bah I say, double bah, even.

My desire and expectation is to have the swaps inspire folks. If it
did that then the goal of the swap is met for me. Even if folks have
to back out of a swap for any reason. I'm rarely disappointed. The
expectation was not to gather these plastic bits and bobs, but to get
a clayer to get over THE FEAR of opening that pack of clay.

So if folks make the deadline...and I hate the word, it's negative.
Haven't you ever thought that.... it's the drop dead line, if you
dash to freedom passed the barbed wire and into no man's land the
guards can shoot you at the dead line. Wasn't that what they called
the perimeter around Andersonville Prison during the Civil War?

I've spoke about swap stress from the point of view of the new
clayer. How swap stress can sour the art soup. Swap HOST stress is
another thing that should be recognized. I don't want swap hosts to
feel weirded out because their real life had to get more energy than
getting the swaps out to folks.

People have fussed and fumed, people have gotten frustrated and
unsubbed, resubed to fuss some more, unsubbed again in a huff
over .... what? Getting some bits of plastic in the mail?

In the cosmic scheme of things, let's remember, one has to be alive
to complain. If you can complain you're not in the obits today, so be
happy, chill out, LELAX dagnabbit before I have to give you a shake
is what I feel like telling folks who are stressing out about...

little plastic things in the mail?

Wasn't the aim of the swap to inspire folks to get a grip on their
clay. Isn't it the aim of our swaps here to cherish and cheer the
beginner's works because they are brave pioneers in a new landscape
of clay? Aren't due dates... I like that term, reminds me of
birthing, renewal, it's life giving... ok, aren't due dates, even in
pregnancy, flexible. Babies tend to come when they are ready, we just
have to be prepared for when they do.

I find that it's a bell shaped curve both with birthing and with
getting swaps in and out. I just don't want to toss the clay baby out
the window of the doll house with the dirty water of deadline

yikes... relax. If anyone is reading this right now, as your eyes
roll over the letters, you've got a roof over your head, electrical
and phone lines working, you've gotten some education enough to use
your computer and to read, you're awake enough to read which means
you got a cot, you're not dizzy with starvation so there's food
there, clean potable water, modern sanitation... in the global
picture no matter what else is going on in one's life at this time
those few things makes us all lucky ducks.

With that being said, I am up and awake, all systems are GO, and I'm
feeling pretty relaxed and anxious to toss some clay scraps around.
All the demos created a pound of trims and cane ends. My treat for
myself is to chop them up and see what happens.

What's your treat for yourself today? How are you going to follow
your bliss in that Joseph Campbell sort of way? What are you doing to
manifest your personal creative expression?

I'm chopping scraps and actually looking forward to doing a whole lot
of nothing else.

relax, it's all good, nownowtherethere




--- In MSATClayArt@y..., Dragginwing@a... wrote:
> Nora Jean,
> I am so very pleased to say my masks for the animal skin swap are
on the way,
> I just hate being late!!! Tha return label is in the box and extra
> postage and the webcam fund...
> Dag



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