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Saying Good Bye to Mister Rogers

You Were Special, Mister Rogers. You will be missed. 
I will weep for Mr. Rogers' passing. He did his duty well. His mission was to spread good will and love to everyone who watched his show. His mission was accomplished and I'm sure he had no regrets when he went back Home to God. 

I want to Honor Mr. Rogers for all the grown ups who watched, even if they didn't have children in their lives, for having one person tell them "You are Special" each day saved lives, healed weary spirits and did a lot of good that's not recognized. 

I watched Mr. Rogers with and without my children. It might seem silly to some, but I saw him as a role model and sought to learn from him just how he did it so easily. It being to love, be patient, reach out to folks with compassion, to retain the innocence of a child in his heart, these things are worth learning. 

Right now in a world that seems to have gone very bleak, mean spirited and not a little crazy, we need to continue Mr. Roger's work with first admitting "We are Special", and to spread that kind and gentle energy to those who are around us. 

If we retain what he showed by example he lives on in our hearts. If we follow his example the world will be a better place to live.

I believe this with all my heart.

So thank you, Mr. Rogers and have a good passage Home. 

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