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Ramble: Stinkin' Guilt Trips


40 years of gettin' up at 5 a.m., raising 4 children, cookin', 
cleanin', workin', etc. and figure I don't need no stinkin' guilt trip! It works
most of the time! :}

You know me, I'm a one trick pony's just like I been 

Women do for everyone else but themselves most of the time. As 
caregivers we give and give until one could fool themselves into 
thinking that this is "all there is" and like circus elephants we 
keep on dancing even though the music has stopped, or like police 
horses that line up in a row, saddled or not, in the paddock even 
when they are retired. 

Our duties do not define who we are, they were just what we had to 
do, carrying our joyful burdens. Once our duties are completed then 
we can be who we are, who we have become. 

If you are lucky enough not to have to punch a time clock, then sleep 
when you need, stay up for a 36 hour burn finishing sculptures if you 
can. It really doesn't matter.

There's been studies that being awaken with an alarm clock is not 
healthy for the body. In fact it kills mice, scares them to death. 

I'm for following the needs of the body and the heart and mind. Sleep 
when you need to and get up when you're rested enough. Eat when 
you're hungry and stop when your hunger has been abated. Never be 
bored for there is a universe out there just waiting to be witnessed 
and appreciated. Love who you want as much as  you want and tell them 
when ever it comes to mind, because we don't know when we're going to 
shuffle off this mortal coil.

As artists we need to express this which is inside of us. It's our 
fancy dance and celebration of life...and yes...we don't need no 
stinkin' guilt trip. 

Children who are grown can cook their own tuna melt sandwich....I 
told Said this. If he is old enough to have a relationship then he 
and his pair bonded honey bunny can learn their way to the kitchen 
and make themselves their own tuna melt. I'll be near by if they run 
into any problems. LOL 

Joy was out shopping yesterday and Said comes wandering by asking if 
there is anything to snack on. I told him with arms full of bags of 
trim, hooks and eyes, elastic, buttons and broken jewelry..."The 
kitchen has been where it is for these 14 years, I'm not in a kitchen 
space, so I suggest you go forage like a good monkey." He figured to 
wait until Joy came home. 

I did not feel guilty for not dropping what I was doing to go do 
something for Said that he is quite capable of doing for himself and 
well he should. If I don't get out of the way he will never attain 

The whole family better get used to their new autonomy because I'm 
busy, thank you very much and pick up your socks please. I'll get 
around to chores during my waits for things to cure or dry, while 
canes rest after making before slicing. 

Please, if any of you have been home makers and care givers and the 
family is giving you the hairy eyeball because they've not been able 
to eat off of the dining room table because YOU don't have a proper 
work space, then don't let their pouts effect you. Have their need 
for the dining room table motivate them to HELP YOU get a proper work 
space. If that were done more often we artists might be motivated to 
make them a tuna melt, because we're not going against the flow.

That should be a button. Guilt Trips with a circle and a bar across 
it. I have "whine" with a red circle and bar across it because my 
work area is a no whine zone. 

but that's another ramble.



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