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Too Much List Mail

01-11-11: Updated because once again "There's Too Much List Email"

Edited 02-12-08 : there's no more "Hang-Out" due to the webhost change. (retired) Check that page to see where you can set up a blog of your own. My blog on this site was toasted with the web host change. So that page has to be updated too.

01-16-06: A list member posted to the list suggesting we create a space where links to new pictures be gathered, or to create a communal blog where ClayMates can post that they have something to see. The ramble below is what I replied to her. I'm putting this up as a Ramble because it's a topic that comes up regularly... too much list mail.

Since this list started this subject has come up time and time again.

We are a busy list. Always have been. If you check the home page and see how many posts go through each month, year after year.

There are a lot of links to check, not counting the ones in demo logs after demos are done.

For folks who don't have a lot of time to spend reading all the email and checking all the links I say, no one said that there's going to be a test on Friday to see if you did. Relax.

When you get the Sunday paper, do you read every page? Probably not. You pick the sections you like to read. I go for the Datebook to see what movie review are there. I check the Home and Family sections for domestic stuff like that. I check the comix. I don't read the sports page, business page or the auto classifieds.

Do the same thing for the email on this list.

Many people are on No Mail. Some folks get email in Digest form and print it out and take it with them when they are out and about, highlighting links they want to check when they are at home.

Some folks are not interested in sculpting so they don't check those posts.

Some folks are not interested in mini food so they don't check those posts.

Some folks are not interested in jewelry findings and where they can buy them so they don't read those posts. 

Some folks are not interested in social bonding so they don't check the posts that are a part of a thread that is primarily social bonding.

Update: No one is expected to read all the posts. Not even the COCModSquad. Some volunteers MUST read every post but that is because it is part of their nature. I am Co-Owner and Moderator of longest tenure and I will admit I do not read all of the posts. If you want to get my attention put "NJ" in the subject line. I will notice that.

The reason why I do not read all the posts in COC is because I also volunteer in other CITY-Lists groups as well as do administrative duties behind the scenes. That's why there are a number of volunteers in COCModSquad. We share the duty of keeping an eye on the group.  

CITY-CraftBizAdvice is where ClayMates can go and discuss the business of craft.

Update: CITY Classifieds was where the CITYzens of all the CITY Lists can post items for sale or post for items they are looking to buy. We closed it down because there was not enough interest.

Off topic posts on COC i.e., sales, ads, spam, and the details of selling are not appropriate for competition curbs creativity.

So in summary: If there's too many posts, don't read them all. If your in box is too full, go on No Mail or Digest. If you are not interested in social bonding you can unsubscribe, as many do, and find a group that only discusses polymer clay. The world is wide and you have free will. I just ask that you don't complain about "Too Much List Mail".

If you want to go on a rant build a blog of your own and put that blog link in your signature file. People will see your blog link when you post. Social bonding on the list is how we motivate people to click our blog or commercial links in our signature files. Be nice, be interesting, be helpful and people will follow your links.

Flame wars, controversial topics regarding religion, politics, and other topics will disturb the peace of the list and will cause you to be moderated and drawn into a discussion with one of the volunteers. If you really want to disturb the peace and can't clay nice, you may be relieved of the burden of being part of CITY-o-Clay. Meaning, you will be removed. Artists can't create in an environment that is negative.

Again, I've edited this page 02/12/08 because we don't have the old "Hang-Out" anymore. Got to figure some other non-Yahoo presence where ClayMates can meet, greet, and say "Neat!".

I've edited this again 01-11-11 because some changes have taken place and this page needed updating. Plus I LOVE this date. All those ones... nifty.


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