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Ramble: Follow your Bliss in a Joseph Campbell Sort of Way

Date:  Sun Feb 18, 2001 10:29am
The reason I am focused on the LEXX characters is because I'm following my bliss. I know that out of 400 plus list members there's got to be a couple who would enjoy similar things to me and there are and of that I'm tickled. 

Two of my big time Leo girlfriends, DebJean and Donna in MT, are "blah" about LEXX and that don't make them love me less, nor me them, they are following their own bliss and can share the Harry Potter magic with us all and it's all good.

It's not the content, it's the technique that is important for me to share.
Toss the content out. Boil it down to the technique, do they work? Does using leaf shaped kemper tools make easier muscles? This is the meat of the matter. LOL, all puns intended. Whether it's Kai or Theodore Roosevelt it makes no matter with regard to technique. Just that I'd get bummed if I had to share technique using content that BOOOORRRREEEEDDDDD me.
For those who aren't into SciFi, I'll call out for Short Order Claying, Audrey that quick gal got her eyecandy of the making of a cane and having the Day of the Dead theme. So don't be shy folks if you have a Short Order Claying request. I'll take time out of the scheduled programming to do special requests.  I'm easy that way.
Knowing that there must be some sighing and rolling their eyes for the LEXX Saturday marathon there were MerMaids, new stuff and golden oldies. 
So does it bother me that some like LEXX and some don't....not a bit. Diversity and following your individual creative vision is what I've been harping on from the beginning of this list. 
What do YOU want to make? What means something to YOU? Those sort of questions to the self are imperative to answer before unwrapping that first 2 ounce bar of plasticisers, color and filler. You are the center of your own universe. Seek out and find the images, colors, designs, that are important to you. I can't say this enough.
For me, it's easier to stay on track with a long, segmented, detailed, lesson plan on a subject like sculpting bodies and faces if I'm interested in the characters I'm working on. By having real actors to fashion the faces you can see if it can be done, if so then how?  Building a story around the technique allows me little commercial breaks from simply this do that. I know when I check out how-to web lessons I suffer from the severe lack of goofy shit. LOL I swear I do, I need a belly laugh, often and regular. I like conflict and drama in stories, so why not create these tensions within a clay lesson? The little dramas are my reward for planning, shooting, processing, posting and explaining these techniques. It's is done now let's get silly. tippytappitytiptip.... LOL
The big questions are, do the techniques work? Do they save you time? Can they be repeated easily? Will you remember them? I think you will, where else can you see that it's as easy as standing on your head? ;-)
Content is just the vehicle for technique.
Seriously folks, I'll tell ya something I've just realized, since my surgery, post op amnesia, forced inactivity, subsequent flu, I came to the worktable a changed clayer. I realized life is short, can be gone in a blink of an eye, and if that's so then I have to follow my bliss. I have to use the content that pleases my heart the most. For each day I feel is a gift to me now. I have a renewed respect for my creative time and I learned I had to love me, first, when it came to what I make. The content has to be my sweetest muse to carry me through the sharing of technique. That and the Montessori method of claying, when you're done with a tool put it away, clean up after each project, don't make yourself crazier than you already are by getting in your own way with disorganized work habits. In that way I've changed, big time.
So there it is then, remember to follow your own bliss, do what pleases you, for no one can persuade me to do otherwise.

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