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Ramble: The Goddesses and Rods and Cones
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2000 10:33 AM
Goddesses and Fairies Swap.


I'm sorry I didn't make further mention of Peggye's Egyptian Goddess. I am going to add a couple of pictures and fine tune the album because it was very late when I put the album up and this morning I realized my oversight in not mentioning Peggye's work specifically. I was especially delighted in the contrast of the Gold and the leafy green foliage at her feet. I was also impressed with how proud the Goddess was, how warrior like, compared to my own portly earth mother covered with flowers. Just like me and Peggye, I'll Mom ya to death and Peggye will show you her fire if push comes to shove. LOL
I was distracted with the concept of the travel through time and through cultures with the various Goddesses.
I've shared with all ya'll sometime back the book called "The The Alphabet vs. The Goddess ", by Leonard Shlain, ISBN # 0-670-47883-9, where it is theorized that when people moved from using symbols to read, like the Egyptians, and started using alphabets made of letters that make words, and from that the demise of the Goddesses was at hand. The part of the brain that deals with symbols is inclusive, nurturing. The part of the brain that deciphers alphabets is linear and analytical. It's the Apollonian vs. the Dionysian, the male vs. the female, energy. Has to do with rods and cones in the eye, with how we used to hunt or gather. When you gaze over a field and just allow all the elements to come into your eyes, it's meditative, inclusive, this is the symbol part of the brain working. When you zero in on that bit of wild game, and you single out that rabbit, all else gets filtered out and you aim for the kill. This is the alphabet part of the brain working. More or less. Read the book, it's fascinating.
Cultures that read with symbols included Goddesses. Their God's had mates and from them birthed demigods and the like all acting out basically human dramas and teaching from bad example at times. The Judeo/Christian/Muslim beliefs were built on the Word, the alphabetic written word. In fact the first part of the Koran it says, "Write it down."  Not only were Goddesses given the boot, but God has no mate, has no face, either has the unpronounceable name or a hundred names, but the Mate of the God was given the boot. This God also had no locale. This God could supplant all local Gods when the Nomads showed up.
See most people worshiped local Gods, and it was tied to their fields, to the fire in the hearth, to their town, making their Gods and Goddesses a personal pick and choose depending on what they wanted to emphasize in the home: Good fortune, Good Health, Good Reproduction of farm and animals.  These were the Gods and Goddesses of the symbol. The God that was brought via the alphabet was a mobile Lone God, unpaintable, unsculptable, eclipsing all the local Gods and Goddesses. It was a mental and perceptual shift due to the use of different elements in the eye and where that information gets sent to the brain. Oh this book was written by some brain surgeon dude so it gets medical technical.
Remember here I'm recounting the theory in this book, and not stating my opinion. Thought I'd put that in because folks are quick to jump on their soap boxes and take things personal instead of taking things seriously.
I feel since I am not omnipresent, since I don't remember previous incarnations, since I can't measure spiritual matters empirically, scientifically, and hand it to ya in a cup and say, "This is the truth." it is all a matter of faith and belief.
What I want to do with doing the Faries, The Goddesses, is to allow space for all forms of spiritual, metaphysical and positive beliefs to have free expression. Goth Witches are going to be flying through on broomsticks for a bit of fun and fancy come fall, and I don't want any body beefing, saying "Hey, this don't sit right with the way I see things."
See how differently we all made our Goddesses? It's all a matter of personal interpretation. The freedom to express that personal interpretation is as important as getting clay techniques mastered, for what would we make if we were overcome with THE FEAR to move freely to follow our inner vision? How could we blossom as artists if we feared the secret police to break down our door and disappear us for expressing a thought through our art?  Art can't grow in repressive environments, where one set of rules or standards governs what is and what is not the "right" way to do clay. That's the big deal here for me, the freedom of expression issue.
That's why I pushed Goddesses and am being a pill about this right now. Everyone was born of woman and if you weren't you tell me right now and we go on Jerry Springer and get some press. Everyone was born of woman and all came from this Earth, and again, if you aren't from earth, get in touch with me asap and we get some prime time coverage. Ok, so born of woman, all from earth, which is made up of the left overs of dying stars that went Nova after finishing their billions and billions of years life span, thereby giving birth in their self destructive explosion the elements that went into us... for we are star garbage, yessiree, we are. Inside of us is as varied and as amazing as all that goes on in our universe. It is the mirror seam, that's our consciousness, the mirror seam between that which is within, boundless and amazing and that which is apart from what we can effect or understand...the rest of the OUT THERE stuff. Chaos it seems to the primitive eye, lightening, thunder, sickness and cave living. What can we do to drive off the scary energy of the night?  Light a wee fire, it's flickering flame fingers will reach for the stars and remind us where we came from.
There is no right way to clay. There is only the way you find in the mirror seam that is your consciousness. We live on this blue green planet, which is more like a bubbling chicken pot pie than a rock, whirling in space, around a middle aged star, in a common spiral galaxy, and for siblings our galaxy has how many other galaxies going through their paces?
Relax...smell the real flowers, squish some clay, life is good, we've survived to tell our tale, ya?  So feel free to tell it and I'll be in the Amen Corner fanning Sister Rasheedah as you Testify.  Let your clay creations be your joyful noise. Let your heart find expression, and make that handprint on the cave wall of time by busting a move on a pound of gold premo, for example, just so you don't be shy about it.
So there is then, the Goddess Ramble
Nora-stepping off of her soap box-Jean


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