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August 1999

If there is anything I try to promote in this list is autonomy, creative
and intellectual autonomy. But also I promote the skill of picking one's
self up and dusting one's self of and moving forward.  Past can't be
changed, so we have the present to enjoy and the future to look forward to.

By working on your polymer clay skills and writing and doing websites,
that's one step closer to Ecommerce and financial independence, which I
would say is the goal of any artist, regardless of what medium they work in.

Dig it...I have 5 ex-husbands, and four grown sons...put them together and I have a baseball team...the OffBeats.  Let that sink in. I'm sure I could go on about would a could a shoulda, feel bad, have self doubt, fall into the victim blaming the self syndrome

but why?

What profit would it give me, especially when I'm happy now?  All horrid things that happened in my life lead me to this place in time. To regret the learning experiences of my life would be to negate that which is good now.

Colin Powell...whom I am fond of quoting said, get mad, get over it.  And
you can't make anyone's decisions so don't let anyone else make them for
you. This goes with our art work.

If I do anything to anyone on this list it is to make them SASSY and
encourage them to be as creative and productive as possible.  And don't
look back, remember Lot's Wife, looking back is wasted spiritual energy, in my humble opinion. (IMHO)

So you have support here, but I'd like to keep the tone of the list as one
that looks forward, that savors the present and if we have to dig to
painful things in the past, we do so to learn lessons that we are going to
use, and not just to nurse old pains, poking old wounds to see if they
still pucker...ouch, just because they've become familiar to us.

We have new visions now, we have new things to do, we have a future to
carve for ourselves here. That's the perspective I'd like to keep on this
list. This is not a criticism, this is a loving suggestion. Loving to you
and to the other list members too.

What we write and what we share is infectious.  Mental Viruses. We invade the consciousness of our readers and we evoke emotions, from thoughts that might bring up memories, it ripples out into the pond of our group mind here and what reflection do we see? 

Beings that we are primarily doll house and miniaturists I need to also put in a word or two on the vibe that creates. What is a doll house but a small dream home. What are our dreams but very tender things: Home, Hearth, Mom, Food, Security, Wishful Fulfillment, all these things are tied up in this endeavor, making this polymer clay list very different from any other I've witnessed. The feeling of security, nurturing and love is imperative in this sort of venue for clay for we tread on other clayer's dream time, the mental and spiritual therapy that comes from bringing forth something from the imagination to reality that will be part of something most beloved, a doll house, a room box, a gift to a loved one. This is another reason the tenor of this list should be positive.  We are what we think.  More than what we eat, more than what we do, we are what we think and because of that we should take some care what we put in other folk's consciousnesses.

Another thought occurs to me here on this ramble...beginners.  Those who
are beginning to learn about polymer clay might feel their question about something basic might be ....not heavy enough...for a list that is trashing the past and posting negatively.  This list is for all clayers, of all levels, there is no question that is stupid, there is nothing wrong with not knowing. But we don't want to make these new clayers feel...uncentered, you see?

Beginnings are delicate times.  Folks are afraid of failure, that's why no
one fails they make one step in the evolution of their craft and with
constructive criticism they can improve their craft, there are no failures
there is only learning processes. All our hard times we've had were
learning processes too. Time to move on after hard life events. Time to make pretty things and let the world know that we're an artistic factor to be dealt with.

Ok, another take three muscles to smile and 36 to weep,
and I'm a lazy girl.

Laughing releases the same chemicals in the brain as orgasm, each time I've made any of you laugh....we've been intimate...think on that one.

By smiling, even when you don't feel like it...there are muscle triggers
that DO effect the mood over all, by frowning the muscle memory evokes the energy for sadness. This I read, can't tell you where because I forgot,
but I did remember the fact and when I'm finding myself frowning and
starting to feel frownable in mood I try that stupid trick, and smile like a
loon, sing even, sing a happy song, push come to shove sing a spiritual.

Open up your throat and let out a joyful noise. Because the world and all
it holds from the smallest of miracles to the swirling galaxies that litter
the universe, there is beauty, and that alone is something that should
uplift us all.

So when you're feeling down, pick up a picture book if it is too hot to go
out, and look at flowers and plants, and animals and star maps and jewelry from around the world and listen to music and dance.

If that fails you can do the old stand by here on MSATClayArt, the happy calisthenics

5 jumping jacks with enthusiasm while shouting at the top of your voice


if you aren't laughing at the end of that exercise I don't know what else to suggest.

But lets keep things uplifting, hopeful, loving and that includes
forgiveness...we need to let go, we need to move forward, we have beautiful things to create.

Gaman....Japanese for "Brace Up", we're so fond of saying just
before doing homework, tie a study sash around our heads with the character for Gaman written on it ....




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