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Ramble: Reduce, reuse and recycle, eh?
From:  Nora Jean Gatine <>
Date: Repost:  Fri Dec 1, 2000 0:54am

When you purchase things like Liquid Illusion two part clear resin, there
is sometimes as part of the packaging a clear plastic formed cover over the bottles. My first scaved plastic thing like this is and for the last year
or so has been my drip tray for the pots that are on tooth picks jammed
into a wad of aluminum foil. There are fallen tooth picks now Futured with a million layers to the bottom of this thing. But it is a reuse sort of
deal. The clay doesn't seem to eat into this clear plastic that comes in
packaging...action figures also have this sort of plastic cover in lieu of
a box.

Reduce, reuse and recycle, eh?

Saw a show about making paper. Taking waste paper and shredding it, running it through a mixer with water, some dye and then poured into screen trays or ...dig this...into molds made from the bottom of plastic bottles.

It's just such a hoot these medallions that are made with the mold of the
bottom of some plastic bottles. Clay can be mashed in there after a coating
of Armoral (tm), dusting of powder of some sort, or even a light misting of
water.  Mash the clay into the plastic bottle bottom and with it being a
clear mold you can see from the other side how your design elements are
showing on the other side.

What is that painting style that was done in the Victorian times, painting
flowers from the inside of a glass vase?  They have to paint like one does
to store windows, the highlights go on first and the background goes on
last, building backwards.  Gad what is that called?

Well the clay can be built up in the same way I be thinking. The highlights or the things up close being laid in the mold first and then the background or receding items be laid on afterward, press it in the mold, and then pop it out. Seems like something that needs to be experimented on.

Before you toss out any packaging ask yourself...can I use this as a tool?
As a tray for dip and drip? To put over my clay on my work table with a
weight on it so the cat doesn't eat my clay art?  It's amazing what you can do with what we used to call trash.

For those who want to know more about utilizing trash to treasures check out
Andrea Barham write about in her book

Easy to Make Dolls' House Accessories
ISBN# 0-946819-37-8
Lists for $19.95 US

Now the thing I see about the trash to treasures DIYers is they fail to
appreciate the adhering qualities of polymer clay. If beads can be stacked
one on top of another to make a vanity table tray, then polymer clay beads
can be stacked to make a those pretty little bottles too. Polymer clay base
with beads for the bottle area and then clay again for the atomizer nozzle. Jam a bead wire down the center of it all to be the reinforcer for the stacked stuff. 

Mix your media and you'll be saving money on minis right and left ....also
your garbage bill won't be quite as big, since you're reusing, recycling
and thereby reducing waste.



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