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"Love amongst the Runes" or "Mind your Manna".

I have been looking to no avail for the post that went, "Love amongst
the Runes" or "Mind your Manna". Couldn't find it so I'll write a new
one instead. I wrote the original one in response to an incident that
happened to a clayer on another clay list.

She wanted to make Runes and got Run out of town on a rail. Some folks
got severe ego identification with their beliefs and feel threatened
when people with different beliefs express themselves. These folks
felt it was acceptable to belittle and disrespect this clayer's
beliefs. Made her paranoid to express herself here. She wrote to me
privately asking what was acceptable. I could have fallen over.
Everything is acceptable by way of belief systems.

Now some folks are culture vultures, throwing I-Ching over their
heads, poking their third eye with a crystal and sitting on a pyramid.
Oh, we've seen them at psychic faires, walking about with copper
pyramids on their heads like they ain't got no sense. This ain't a
case like that. This gal really really had these Celtic ties, and
Norse ties. Her "people" albeit white, carried beliefs that were
pre-Christian. No Culture Vulture here. But these other "righteous"
folks felt it was ok to make her feel unwelcome and then attacked for
no other reason than she respected the beliefs of her own culture.

This is obviously not acceptable behavior here. We are Jews,
Christians and Muslims, Pagans, agnostics and atheists here. What we
believe is our own business, like who we vote for and who we are
intimate with, "your business not my business" is how I feel about
such stuff.

I also believe in free will. It's part and parcel of having our hands
on the reins of our spiritual horses. We guide our horses with what we
believe is right and wrong, by what ever belief system, no one belief
system is better or more holy than the other. That's just silly.

Dig it, "God" using that as a word capsule to hold the force that
created physical and mathematical laws, the force that started
evolution, the force that created all "This" that we see. If God could
create an entire universe, within which a network of galaxies link up
like a massive psychedelic spider web; if we live on the outer arm of
one of those more modest galaxies, way out towards the edge of this
galaxy, revolving around a middle aged star; if we stand in the face
of all that and say that there is only ONE WAY to worship one's
creator, I just have to stop the train and say, "That's just silly".
That limits the Creator a great deal I reckon. That's why I don't
bother to explain Islam unless someone asks outright, got to get a
"cue" from the Creator that's it is ok.

It spills over here because I show my heart here, so you get Islam,
Japanese stuff and urban American Ghetto stuff, because all of that is
part of who I am. But proselytizing is not done.

Telling other people that their belief systems isn't hip is so NOT
DONE here. Goes against the grain of artists expressing that which is
in their hearts, freely, without fear of getting rocks thrown at them.

There are clayers and miniaturists who have been traumatized by
bigots. Because their belief system didn't jive with those who would
like to throw rocks. I want all those clayers and miniaturists to come
out of the closet and express your belief systems, even if it means
allowing yourself to do that fairy not because you think it will sell,
but because it answers a deep and resonant call inside your heart.

There are those who don't have organized and recognized belief systems
but have been traumatized by those who want to hold them hostage in
the land of "precious". Those who have been with me know the tone I
use when I say "precious". Butter couldn't melt in my mouth
supercilious high pitched nasal whine is how I say it. When "precious"
holds you hostage because you believe that "potential buyers" might be
"put out" if one's really creepy, film noir, dark and gothic
expressions get let loose, then that's as bad as a pagan being afraid
of being dissed by the religious right.

So it's not just belief systems, but other people's artistic/market
values and aesthetics that can make us hide our real selves. How can
we create art from the heart if our heart is filled with THE FEAR?
Just doesn't work like that. Since mainstream religions get their due
with Passover, Ramadan and Easter, I figure that there are others, who
would like to be able to do an open happy dance of their own.

This is your time if that rings true for you. So it's "Love amongst
the Runes" and "Mind your Manna" good spells and incantations greatly

Now if all this sets your hair on fire and inspires you to gather
rocks, maybe this is not the list for you. I'm serious in this. What
you believe is your business, what other people believe is theirs. We
can help with technique with polymer clay, hints on cutting cloth,
leather or fur for dolls, for preparing mini scenes, but we can't make
ourselves a partner to God and judge anyone for how they choose to
worship. First Commandment beef for the big three systems.

I think I'll put this up on the ramble index.



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