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Ramble: Sags and Wrinkles Equal Wisdom
Date:  Sat Feb 17, 2001 11:07am
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From: Syl
Sent: Saturday, February 17, 2001 1:18 AM
Subject: Re: [MSATClayArt] ALBUM: NEW MixBagOPix - 2001

NJ, the wall hanging of the breasts had me ROFL!! That is just hilarious. If
my breasts look like the saggy center one, does that mean I'm wise? LOL!


Of course it does. As the sands of time fall in the hourglass of our life, so do our breasts, hips, stomachs and butts...all fall down, or fall out: teeth, hair, sense. Willy the Shake (Shakespeare to folks who don't know my code...) Willy the Shake said, and I paraphrase, we end life as we come in ...without teeth, without hair...without sense. Full circle, see life in the full circle of time. It's a bell shaped curve of ability, beauty and usefulness....

Remember I told all y'all that I was working on making a real life nude figurine of myself, my old grandma self, saggy "piepie"s, Buddha Belly, dimpled booty, scars, the whole catastrophe. It's part of my learning process of how to realistically sculpt older mature bodies that have won stripes in the battle field of birthing in the nuclear family war. Well, I resemble that remark. I look like the models I used to love in life drawing class, the more dimpled, wrinkled and tuck and rolled the better. Nothing more boring and less challenging than having some model without any meat on her bones, no aging of the body, no interesting textures. It's a waste of charcoal until a mature model comes in ...who also knows how to sit still. Mature folks can sit still and be chill. Breeding work's done, they can relax.
When I was a little girl we would go to Japanese Hot Baths, communal bathing. The really old women's breasts were triangular sacks of skin, laying perfectly flat on little ribcage chests. They were "kawaii" those old shriveled great grand mothers. They were Venerated at the baths, given all courtesy and they filled the air with their soft spoken oral history. Reminding us how we come up with this arbitrary crapshoot we call culture. It's all made up by some one....and everyone is different.
Japanese people bathe with their families and friends. Being nude ain't no big thing. It is how we are born after all. A group of folks would be out and about and then think...gosh it would be nice to soak and chat with y'all and they do. Mountain resorts have cable cars filled with a dozen bathtubs filled with hot mineral water so you can soak as you are pulled up the mountain side. Go see interesting scenery while letting Calgone Take You Awayyyyy.  Interesting story if the cable should jam...but I digress
The human body and what is suitable for public show is a matter of cultural arbitrariness. Remember culture is all made up and those who made it up ain't here no more, long gone and dead forgotten. But their out of date, "out of touch with currently held reality" cultural rules are still here getting in our way of accepting our own bodies as we age.
Saggy boobs equals wisdom, for it was time and age and sometimes having young humans hanging of for dear life that made that boob saggy, ok? We earned our stripes for being here.  Every wrinkle, every stretch mark, every scar, we earned them and we survived to tell the tale, alright?! 
I'm up on my soap box here peoples, getting splinters in my leopard spot house slippers. You MEN OUT THERE...yes, even our invisible men who lurk but do not post will have to admit in their hearts of hearts that when they see male patterned baldness starting their hearts fall in the sink along with shed hair. No man wakes up in the morning and says to himself, "Gosh I think it would be keen to look like my father and uncles who are bald as cue balls."
That's why I say, to heck with the harassment of the hairy. I say kiss a bald man on his head. Lovingly set a saggy boob on a bald man's head and see him light up with delight.  Hair gets in the way of feeling, tell them. Baldness is a sign of testosterone and that ain't bad. Tell them they remind you of Jean Luc Packard or Telly Savalas in "Kojak". Tell him he is your Mr. Clean.  Hair ain't a measure of a man. Nor are *other things* if you get my drift. The measure of a man is what makes him human, not ape. It is his wisdom, hard fought courage, loving heart and compassion. That's the measure of us all, ya see?
Our balding men's heartsick feelings are caused by cultural arbitrariness. Another time, like in the long ago and far away days, and another place, like Egypt, bald was beautiful...and cool, literally cool, it's dang hot in Egypt. You tell me that bald Egyptian dude in the latest Mummy movie ain't sexy, and I'll tell you that ain't true.
In the USA, and I preface this because we have an international list here, there is the tyranny of youth. Old folks and their wisdom are kicked to the curb, because old is equal to NOT MARKETABLE TO A COMMERCIAL REALM THAT SAYS SEX SELLS
that's my soap box folks, just because sex sells, sex being a breeder's concern, breeding belonging to those of a certain age.... Those past breeding prime are KICKED TO THE CURB...
well I say, TAKE THE SIDEWALK BACK OLDSTERS, go nude in your own home and say
I survived to tell the tale, not like James Dean who died young and left a beautiful corpse.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it. And since this is LEXX Movie Marathon Saturday, I'll share a little personal info that the old timers here already know.  I'm 51 and my boytoyloverman/husband is 25, we've been married for 4 years and he is my biggest fan and supporter in my art. As I was a believer and supporter of his computer programming natural talent.
Just because one has battle scars from the survival war doesn't mean that you're not beautiful to someone who has not fought the fight yet. Oral history and tradition are also highly desirable to the young humans, James called me his "walking encyclopedia" or "Mz Minutia". If folks get out of the mindset that "beauty" has a narrow bandwidth, and most of us don't fit in that narrow band of acceptability, a ton of us end up feeling bad, about some dang thing or another we don't have a lot of control over...
Rather than feel bad about it, disregard the mindset, kick the tyranny of the "standard" of contemporary "beauty" to the curb if it makes your heart ache. If it hurts, get the heck away from it, and that includes perception on what is inevitable fact, we age, bodies look a certain way when they age.
And it ain't nothing to feel bad about....feel bad about aging...face the consequences of not living to tell the tale.
I'd rather sit around all wrinkled and bent over, with fleshy triangles where my once proud young breasts once were, and tell my toothless tale to the next generation of wide eyed unbelieving youth...
"Great Grandma, you DIDN'T dance TOPLESS....yow, I can't believe it!!"
"ya, well chillins, that ain't the half of it, now come close and listen up..."
Sags and wrinkles do equal wisdom, it's the mark of our humanity. That wisdom is what differentiates us from the beasts in the field, ya?
Nora-proud of her wrinkles and gray-Jean

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