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Man and Beast-06-21-07 Dano Doll
Study: These are the pictures I'm working with for this doll of my pal, Dano.  "Oh you mean the one where I look like a janitor?" he asked. What? I love that picture.
Rough Draft: I had a raw male body already made so I studied the pictures and sculpted a rough draft portrait of Dano.
06-22-07: Eyes: Putting in the eyes. For an example of this technique done large please check out Eyeball cane Demo
06-24-07: Sleeve Pattern Index: The Easy Breezy way of making a sleeve pattern out of waxed paper. This is the start of how to make a shirt pattern for an uncured figure.
06-24-06 Bodice Pattern Index : After making the sleeve pattern you can make the pattern pieces of the rest of the shirt by going around it.
06-25-07: Pants Pattern Index:  Making a pattern for pants uses the same tricks as making the sleeve or bodice patterns. Specifically, if the seam goes UNDER a part of the body, the seam edge is drawn as a curve going OUTWARD.

One of the difficult things about this web section was preserving the modesty and dignity of my friend. The things you could do with a nude figure of someone you don't like just boggles the mind.

As I work on the Dano Doll I'll add new web sections. Until such time here are some relevant tutorials.
Aluminum foil armature. Twist and Shout and knock yourself out.
May, A Doll: This doll was started in May 2002.
09-19-03: Review of Faces and Figures
Eyeball cane Demo
Prince of Fire gets a Hand
12-17-06- Review of Clay "Fabric"

Check out Demo-Tech2 and see how that little leopard spot jacket was made. There's screen shots and demo logs.



Putting Kimono on Doll 1" scale Check out the screen shots of how that kimono was put on that female figure. It's the same technique I'll be using for the Dano Doll. The figures and the "clay fabric" are uncured. Dress, THEN pose, then cure. Make your life easier.  


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