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Review Index- Review of Clay "Fabric"

Clothing your sculpted figures with clay "fabric" is easier than sewing. Take cane slices and press to a sheet of clay, cut out your clothing patterns for your sculpted figure. Trick of it is to have your figure raw and able to be posed with the Easy Breezy aluminum foil armature technique. Putting clay fabric on a posed cured figure is just too much bother.

Even though I love to sew and do make cloth clothing that one can put on and
take off of figures with articulated limbs
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the fastest way to cloth a figure is using clay fabric. The first step is to
make some clay sheets with designs on them.

take cane slices and press on a clay sheet with a brayer or run through the
pasta machine, then you can start cutting clothing out of it and put on a

The way I make my figures is to start out with an aluminum foil armature, cover
with skin clay, and put clay clothing on it while the arms and legs are
extended. THEN I pose the figure. Oh it saves so much time it should be illegal.

Here's a recycled MerMaid that laid languishing in a drawer for a year or so. I
gave her a new outfit from "aba fold". How to do "aba fold" check this page...

During a demo I was asked to make a female figure, then I was asked to do "aba
fold", when I was done I had a nude female and all this "aba fold" laying
around. So I put it on her and came up with this by the next day.

Most of my sculpted figures have clay "fabric" covering them. For avi films on
doing this technique check out this section...

Josana was covered with a clay fabric made with orchid cane. The same sort of
orchid cane covered this PenPal, a figure sculpted around the barrel of a ball
point pen.

Same sort of fabric but with a different pose we have the opposite ends of the
economic class scale between these two figures.

My favorite figure as of late is "The Lady with a Pot"

I used up a bunch of sheets with pressed cane on them for her, all mix matched
and what ever since she was a rural gal.

For more of a review of human figures and some of the web sections that review
these techniques, check out this page

I just got finished editing these pages for broken links and "red x" pictures
from the websites being merged. I'm still working on other parts of the PenPal
and Man and Beast sections though.

One trick I'd like to share is powdering the clay fabric sheet so when you're
posing the raw clay figure the fabric will fall where you want it to and not
stick where it will. Leave the "seams" un-powdered so they'll stick. This next
link is picture 139 out of 180 of sculpting a figure and covering it with clay

So if you want to see a figure made from the aluminum foil armature, face
sculpting and fleshing out, then covering with clay fabric that album is where
you'll see it.

2003-Afro-Couple: I just loaded some pictures into a gallery album of the before and after
pictures of putting TLS with clay color to darken the face of the Afro-Couple.
The lady is also dressed in clay "fabric".
05-13-2012 Found the photos and this section will be rebuilt.



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