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BEADS - Faux Index: 12-27-07 Tigers Eye Beads as of 01-03-08, there's 9 sections: How to make faux Tigers Eye, gem cut, side cut mirror image, new snakes. For earlier efforts check 2001 Tigers Eye Efforts. 

12-31-07 - Tigers Eye Cane How To:  Sometimes the simplest techniques take a lot of pictures to explain. 42 pages, the last done in 2007.

Nattering: Discussing the experiments, links to facts about real Tigers Eye gems, a picture of one of the samples I used for reference, links to tutorials using similar tricks.

Group 1: 8 pictures and the beginning of how to do faux Tigers Eye using sheets.

Group 2: 6 pictures using wider sheets and a darker brown.

Group 3: 6 pictures experimenting with mirror images caught from the side of a pressed cane slice. Itty bitty busy work.

Pendants: 8 pictures of 3 pendants using scraps and experimenting with cutting cane slices on their sides.

01-03-08: Side Cut Mirror: The trick of cutting the cane slice from the side for a mirror image.

01-03-08: Side Cut Pendant: A continuation of the experiment with the Side Cut Mirror technique. That's why the number starts at 7.

01-03-08: Tiger Eye Snakes Using scraps from the Tigers Eye Beads and making snakes.

07-11-08 Tiger's Eye Bead Necklaces.  These are rough draft necklaces. I'm experimenting with mixing different types of beads that were made of the same color family.


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