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Pens: I use Bic Round Stic ballpoint pens because they are cheap and don't melt in the oven.

09-28-07 Raw and uncured : I was experimenting with Jana's Basketweave and covered a couple of pens. Then I had left overs and scraps that I fiddled with until there was nothing left.

Pen Variations: 10-11-07 Pen variations: Four designs, links to tutorials, kicking around some ideas with covering a pen barrel. Finished around 9/25/07
10-06-07 Poinsettia Pens: One thing about polymer clay is its shelf life. I made this poinsettia cane in Demo back in 2004. I wasn't happy with it so it lay abandoned until I started on this pen exploration. Reducing a cane of "grave disappointment" I was able to recycle the design, smaller and repeated, and the poinsettia cane redeemed itself. I love recycling.
10-04-07 Head Pen: Experimenting with using a molded face and aba-fold on a pen barrel. Work in process.
09-22-2007- Leaf Pen: 18 pictures

How to cover a ball point pen barrel with leaves, one leaf at a time. An alternative to covering the barrel with a sheet of clay.

09-20-CatchUp: 20 pictures discussing the different ways of covering a ball point pen with polymer clay.
09-18-2007 Pens: Links to the canes that covered the pens. There's a bit of nattering about not being shy about applying more than a thin layer on that ink barrel.
PenPal Index  Figures sculpted around a ball point pen barrel.
Pens In the Biz-Archive: The earliest experiments with covering ball point pens with polymer clay.

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