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Man and Beast: 03-25-09: Lace Drape is a form of porcelain art and the artists use molds to make the head, shoulders, and arms for the finished items. I'm doing some sculpting for my friend Fred, who makes lace draped figures.

Fred asked if I could recreate some vintage lace drape heads so he can make molds of them. This web section is the chronicle of that effort.

This is a finished item that Fred's mother made in the 1980's








This is a first rough draft of what Fred and I call the "BeeHive" lady. It's a vintage porcelain mold that we're attempting to replicate.

I told Fred that left to my own devices all faces come out Asian. "Doing white folks is going to take some practice for me." I told him.





03-27-09: Trying for a more caucasian look. Then Fred told me to go for a more Greta Garbo look, so the next picture below is that effort.








Greta Garbo's nose was very thin and her cheek bones hardly there. I guess the trick with doing Caucasian faces is thinner lips and nose. Wider eyes that are deep set.

This is just practice until I get a sample piece from Fred. Should be in the mail box tomorrow.


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