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01-13 to 15-06-Face Sculpting Demo Index

Demo Stuff
*Preparation: Links to avi files, Rambles and Tutorials about face sculpting.

*Friday Demo, Log 1: Face grid, V shapes, first pass

*Friday Demo, Log 2 - Man's face young, happy, sad, old

*Friday Demo, Log 3 - Feet and ears

*Friday Demo - Log 4 - Female face

*Saturday Demo - Log 1: Skull Form, Forensic Sculpting, Aluminum Foil Skulls

*Saturday Demo - Log 2: Aluminum foil head form and armature

*Saturday Demo - Log 3 - Preparing Skin Clay and waiting for Returnees

*Saturday Demo - Log 4: Starting on the Big Face

*Saturday Demo - Log 5: If Thine Eye Offend Thee.. Pluck It Out

*Saturday Demo - Log 6: Doing the Eyes Again

*Saturday Demo - Log 7: Break Chat

The screen shots for this demo were lost when Epson photo storage closed down.

*Saturday Demo - Log 8: Aluminum Foil Armature

*Saturday Demo - Log 9: Break Chat

*Saturday Demo - Log 10: Making a Man and End of Demo

*Sunday Demo - Log 1: Getting settled, links to demo

*Sunday Demo - Log 2: Why use aluminum for armature, to pose the figures

*Sunday Demo - Log 3: Making the female aluminum foil armature, review of Micro Mini Figures

*Sunday Demo - Log 4: Break Chat

*Sunday Demo - Log 5: Covering the female armature with the first layer of clay

*Sunday Demo - Log 6: Adding mass to the Female and Why I do Demos

*Full Face ReDo: I wasn't happy with the full face so I took it apart and started all over again.


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