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Animal Review: From 2001 until the present

08-10-09: Animal Print Beads links to tutorials on how to make animal prints provided on the enlarged picture pages. Animal print never seems to go out of style. I thought it would be a passing phase, but nearly 10 years later it's still showing up. You got to have matching jewelry so here we go.

10-17-2009 - Giraffe: the ongoing exploration of Giraffe.

08-14-09: Various Giraffe Species PDF

10-17-2009 - Giraffe

Review Index

Jan-June 2004 Demo Stuff

06-11-04: Animal print cane has always been a favorite request in Demo. 

Animal print review: Five close up shots of beads made with animal print cane made during Demo.

2001 Tiger Group The old Tiger cane page is linked all over so it's cross linked here. Step by Step on the earliest Tiger.

For more old animal tutes check Animal Canes of 2001-2003.

2002 - Clay Techniques-03: Tiger, Leopard, Zebra. WebCam Demo.

Screen Shots from Demo

Animal Cane Review: 06-11-04


(27 photos)
NJ Demo of Leopard cane May 2004, couple shots of tiger cane also. Created on 5/29/2004

05/15/08 on photo gallery page.

AnimalCane  (34 photos) 

(34 photos)
Zebra and giraffe canes. NJs demo 5/30/2004
05/15/08 on photo gallery page.

08-14-09: Various Giraffe Species PDF


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