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FIJI Index

Fiji Map and Link to Fiji MASI-Cloth
Craft and Fruit Meke-Dance
Romantic Get Away Dance Costumes and the Cutest Little Fijian
Tourist Treats 2004 Flower and Leaf Canes  

Tutorials that can be used on a Fiji Theme.  

Flower Index, Leaf Index

Lei Pendants Done

018: One Tile Tute of the of the Water Lily petal cane done with the Lei Technique.

Water Lily petal  Cane and other efforts from the 5/19/03 demo. On the Biz site. 

017: One Tile Tute of the Peach and Butter Yellow Rose shaped petal for the Lei. 
08-15-03 WebCam DemoLog: Peach and Butter Yellow Rose Petal Lei flower.

Fiji Inspired Flower Screen Shots, 12 pix. I forget who took these, thank you who ever you were. 

08-15-03 Demo: Making Lei Flowers: ruffled Rose, peach and butter yellow. 20 screen shots, thank you Jackie.

DemoLog of 08-14-03 : How to make Lei Flowers reviewing holly leaves and using TLS and clay color for clothing. 

Everybody must get Lei'd

The Step by Step How To on making a Lei.

Fiji Inspired Flower and Leaf Pendants
Sea Shells made with Polymer Clay
These tutorial below are archived at The Biz-Archive
Fruits and vegetables
Flowers and Leaves
Especially Orchids
Basket weave and how to make them into pots.

Basket Weave done as draped clay fabric can be seen in Demo Tech #1 from Sept. 2002

Some Tropical Tins

Hawaii Tin

Rumble in the Jungle Tin

Monthly Highlights Since 8/2003

The official Clay Suppler for



ComboTutes: New and old stuff

First Three Years - Biz-Archive

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