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Leaf Index

Flower and Leaf Index
11-04-2009: Silver Leaf Cane and the making of a Leaf Bead

Four indexes, breaking down the process into steps that can be used for other projects: Jelly Roll Blend, UnCut Separation sheet, Chevron Flip, and Sandwich Bead. 

04-14-06 Cone Cane: Form the cane into a cone and slice for leaves of different sizes.

04/15/06 - The Face That Used These Leaves

LeafManTin-01-08-06 Demo

12-24-05: Coleus Cane

Made on Christmas Eve during the Second Annual Three Day Holiday Marathon Demo.


07-04-04-Leaf Demo and Leaf PenPal Make like a tree and leaf: three days of leaf review, two different screen shot captures a pen pal got wrapped up in the effort. 
nj 070304 leafs  (89 photos)
nj demo 03 July 04 leafs
Created on 7/4/2004 By Ulrike in Germany


The 10 Leaf Canes made 03-10-04
Leaf Cane with highlight on one side 09-22-03 DemoLogs and screen shots 

Screen Shots of the Demo stored in an Epson Album.

08-22-03: Demo on leaves with highlight on one side. Usually I put the highlight on the center of leaf segments with a jelly roll blend. Here I have the highlight on one side and then do the chevron flip. The Wisteria Lei with Leaves will show you close ups of the effect. Denise took these screen shots stored in an Epson album. Thank you Denise. 
Holly Daze
Oldest Holly Tutorial: Gang of 5 Holly Daze
The leaf efforts are in archive on the Biz site and will open a new browser window.
05-29-03 WebCam Demo: Hand Blending, Jelly Roll, Chevron Flip and Salvaging End O Cane.
Autumn Leaf Group: Canes for Autumn leaves, put them on a jar, stick on a face mold, the whole deal. 7 Leaf Samples that went into making the leaves for the Autumn Leaf Jar.


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