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Food Index, Dishes and Jars for mini scenes
  1. Mold Dish Experiment

  2. Leopard Dish Set

  3. Review of Mini Food in a Jar

  4. The Pinch pot turned into a pitcher

  5. Old What's The Dish?

  6. Old Going To Pot

  7. Old The Blue Rose Tea Set

05-13-11 Review of Mini Dishes  and customized mini boxes, using JimCollins Mini Printables.


Mold Dish Experiment Pressing dishes from cane slices pressed with a double sided mold. 
Leopard Dish Set
Review of Mini Food in a Jar A mini scene can be in something as handy as a recycled glass jar from your kitchen. Put mini Mexican food in a Salsa Jar. PB&J  fixings in a Peanut Butter Jar. Use the top as the floor.

The Pinch pot turned into a pitcher

In the "Biz-Archive" and therefore earlier efforts

What's The Dish?

Going To Pot

2000: The Blue Rose. My first "Leigh" rose on a blue background. The table, tray and tea set all match.


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