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A ClayMate asked about polymer clay rings. I have not done many but I've done a few and this is my reply to her. I searched for other ring tutorials and added those links as well.



I'll start out with some of mine. The first link has a "faux finger" that I use 
to size the ring. It's a little rude but it works. These rings are experiments in using only polymer clay and nothing else.


These next two pictures are of a ring I made using a "ring blank" from a craft store. "Ring blanks" have metal that goes around the finger and then has a flat area on the top where you can glue things. I didn't use glue I just surrounded that flat top area with polymer clay. In this case the cane ends from miniature sushi.


Here are two Ring Tutorials

Here are other examples of polymer clay rings.

If you do a search online "Polymer clay rings" or "Polymer clay ring tutorial" 
and then go to "images" you will find a lot of different rings.

If you go to Flickr and search under the same terms you'll find even more. 

Just about any mini flower or mini food can be made into rings and other jewelry items. Polymer clay has so many possibilities and a ring is just another blank canvas.


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