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Dog Index - Found Dog Diary 02-08-06-FoundDog

08-18-06: After 6 months of looking for his owner "Buddy" got adopted by a good family, with two other dogs, and a back yard. Fostering Dogs is bitter sweet and we wept when he went to his permanent home. 

02-08-06-FoundDog: This dog wandered into my Son's home today at 11:30am. On the 400 block of Bright St. near Garfield, Ingleside district, San Francisco.

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5PM, PST: The dog has no tags. The collar is a thin cloth with paw prints done in white.

It's male. It "marks" territory, inside and out.

Is not used to elevators. Going up one landing made him cower.

When introduced to the mat he understood and goes there to rest and nap.

4:30pm- He was fed 1/4th can of Premium puppy food, but I don't think this is a puppy. I think he's a "toy" breed.

Took him for a walk and he's not leash trained very well. Half heartedly played ball, but did give a little growl and snip at me when I went to retrieve the ball. He got a "No No " for that. No repeat of behavior.

Off leash he's off like a shot. Goes sniffing everything, marking area, if you don't run after him he'll keep exploring until he's in another city. Not knowing his name how can you call him?

Likes to lay in one's lap. Will come up and put paws on people's knees and is content to hang out on one's lap.

Not particularly nervous, as feeling subordinate. Will approach with head down, ears back, tail wagging, does a lot of this "subordinate" behavior. 

When he's feeling comfortable he's very observant. Ears perk up, he looks intently, is aware of surroundings.

He has not barked at all. Even when a neighbor's dog was yapping at him when we crossed paths at the elevator. He looked, was interested, didn't bark at all.

We're going to link this page to Craig's list and put up flyers in my son's neighborhood.

Well it's the Chinese New Year of the Dog and look what gets brought to me. I do hope we can reunite this dog to his owner. He's good natured and seems to be used to being close to humans.


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