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Lady With Pot - 10-12-05

Here she is the Lady With A Pot. She was inspired by the Asian Earthquake.

Completed 12-01-05.


December 2005 Highlights

Man and Beast Index, Gone Index

Here she is raw and nude. 

Index 1: I showed this figure on the 7th. She was dressed, posed and cured twice in the last 5 days.

Seven pictures

Index 2: First Filing,

Three pictures

Index 3: Second Filing,

Three pictures

Index 4: TLS "Make Up" Over The File Marks.

Four Pictures 

Index 5: Putting a new Mouth on the face

11 Pictures

Index 6: 12-01-05

Taking her off the tile and giving her something more interesting to sit upon. Checking her out in hard light to see where I need to file sculpt more.

4 pictures


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