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Gone but not forgotten. These items are adopted and the record of their creation can be found here.

Man and Beast

Thanks to all who helped keep online teaching free. Check the Available page for things still up for adoption. 

  1. Lady With Pot

  2. Chinese New Year Fire Dog

  3. Nursing Mom

  4. Faux Egypt Lady

  5. NagaMan

  6. Lobster Lady, Once More With Feeling

  7. Jean Luc

  8. Green Lady Index-2

  9. RitaMaid

  10. Frida Khalo

  11. Basket Seller

  12. The Creole Queen

  13. Fu Man Chu

  14. MerBruce-2004 with baby  

  15. Afro Couple

  16. Arnold Vosloo  


Lady With Pot

She was inspired by the Asian Earthquake.

This was given to my Mother for 2007 Mother's Day. She was gobsmacked. She didn't know what I've been up to with this "polymer clay stuff".


01-27-06: Fire Dog:

It's Chinese New Year and to celebrate I want to focus on the Dog.        02-20-06: Gift to ZhenZhen the "Dog Whisperer". She's Chinese and cares for a Katrina Evacuee Dog, bless her heart.

Nursing Mom 04-11-03

Mixing colors and then pressing sheets for clay "fabric" gave me this lovely shade of green for the Nursing Mom.

This went to "Sammy" to celebrate the birth of her first son.

02-16-04: Egypt Lady

Using the different faux techniques of wood, malachite and metal colored mokume gane 

12-22-04: Egypt Lady Goes to nt.

Imhotep as MerDude: Arnold Vosloo as a MerMan has been adopted. AnnG fell in love with this piece and it is swimming its way to her home. 

Sleeping Lady on the Flower Bed PenPal has been adopted. JaniceL has taken sympathy for our Sleeping Lady and offered her berth at her home. 
NagaMan: Half Man, Half Snake, forever saying "Whoa" Rescued February Refugee. Nagaman isn't going to go homeless, he's at home with Kat in Indianapolis.

Lobster Lady, Once More With Feeling She feels the need to get out of here since my rent is late. 

 Sold and off to ClayChik.


Jean Luc: Male Movie Star, Patrick Stewart. Beamed over to Libbi's starship, beings that my dilythium crystals are cracked. 

01-23-04: I did a TLS skin mix and he's got "frosting peaks" that will need sanding down. Pix to come.


Afro Couple: Fictive Pair, A continuation on a "save", a sculpture started out with defects and now an experiment in TLS painting of shadows. Adopted by the Ugandans next door. Hey Agandi!! OtiO!

Frida Khalo: Female Artist, 

01-23-03: She got TLS tints on her face and she headed towards Mexico, staying with Denise in TX. 04-02-04 Update. Pictures of the Unibrow will be added soon. 

RitaMaid: Half Human and Half Fish

Libbi and her daughter are to complete RitaMaid.

Green Lady Index-2: Add a girl child pen pal and the Green Lady becomes a base. Like all good mothers do. 

01-23-04: Our Little Mother Eva, bun in the oven, had this delivered to her in New Orleans. 

MerBruce: Got reserved to become a brother.

MerBruce-2004: Baby Index:  03-03-04

Fu Man Chu: Fictive Man

01-23-04: Karin in FL, our hardware Diva, is where he's gone. FuManChu got a goatee, some eyebrow. Emmigration Pix to come. 

The Creole Queen: Fictive Woman

01-23-04: She's gone to Mitch in Louisanna, heading for gumbo I'm sure. She had a hand problem and Mitch's going to complete the work. Fixing to Go Pix to come. 

Basket Seller: Started years ago and fussed with off and on. Mr. King's MaMa's birthday present last year. 


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