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Ozzie Food

2004 Food Index  

October 2003


For how to really make this Australian Tucker so you can eat it, go check out the most excellent website

chow down

For how to make these with polymer clay in miniature, well you'll just have to show up to one of our Demos and hollar out a request. "Let's have some Rock Cake!" and then we'll start mixing clay and figuring it out together.  The names by the pictures are the names the pictures were saved as. So "Butts" would mean, I would guess, butterscotch. As we figure out how to do these in mini the names will change and the real food item will be linked to the mini tutorial. 

anzac,  balmain,  bananacus
boiledf. bstrog. butts
caramelslice carpet.   carrotcake
  chocself coconutice coconutroughs.
cocoslice curriedpas damper
dumlings eggpie. fishandchips
honeycomb lams lemdpuddin
lobstertherm meatpies mudcake
pav pikelets pinapplericecream.
pumpie rhubs rissoles
rockcakes. rockyroad sausr
scallops scones steamedpud
toastedmarshmallows toffeees   trife.

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