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Review Index - Covering Pens
The Swap for CITY-o-Clay for February 2013 is Covering Pens
For those who are new to polymer clay or new to covering pens I want to point
you to Glass Attic's page on polymer clay and pens.

Here's Crafty Goat's YouTube video on how to cover a pen with a single color of
polymer clay. Remember to condition your clay before pressing out a sheet on
your pasta machine.

This section on my website has some variations on the covered pen

technique."Click on the thumbnails below and you'll get links to the canes that
covered the pens. There's a bit of nattering about not being shy about applying
more than a thin layer on that ink barrel."

Here are some more covered pens

and this is when I sculpted a face on a pen

Years earlier I experimented with sculpting a body on a pen barrel

Which lead me to making PenPals, sculpted bodies on pen barrels

So we can start with covering an emptied plastic ball point pen barrel with
polymer clay. We can use one color of clay. We can cure that and carve on it
with wood carving tools, fill in what was carved, cure again, and sand. That way

you can put greetings or people's names on pens.

You can take a cane that has any design, flower petals s and leaves are popular,

slice those canes of flower petals and leaves thin and lay them on a single
sheet of clay, press and then cover a pen with that.

Or you can take slices of leaves and/or flower petals and lay them on the pen

A pen barrel is a blank canvas, just as an Altoids Tin is a blank canvas, just
as a recycled card board gift box or a biscuit tin is a blank canvas.

What ever you want to cover these things with is up to you. What are your
favorite colors and designs? Start simple with one color and a single sheet.
Cure it and then you can add raw clay to a cured pen body and cure it again.

Oh where's that picture. I used an old coffee can, with aluminum foil jammed in
the bottom then BBQ skewers stuck in the wadded up foil. I put my pens on those
skewers to cure them.
Here's the coffee can

Here's the "green girl" PenPal on the skewer in the coffee can and yes, once
she's cured you put the ink barrel into her foot and you hold her foot when you
write with the PenPal.

So that should get anyone who has never covered a pen with polymer clay

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