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Current Rants and Recent Rambles

Going from the simple to the complex

Thank you all for looking at the Bed O Flowers and making comment.

All of you can do things like this by remembering we go from the
simple to the complex by repeating simple things over and over. Look
at any complex design and you can break it up into simpler elements.
That's the trick of it. A bullseye repeated over and over gives you
lace cane. Reduce that at a slant and we get a feather effect. But
it's all snakes and sheets and blends when we break it down to simple
This is the page for the flower canes made in March.

They can be sliced and one cane can make many flower types.

In the process of practicing our flower petal canes and making 3D
flowers we end up with a pile. What to do? Make a bouquet.

You can take those same flower petal canes and add them with leaf
cane and make a multi petal flower with leaf cane, like what we did
in Demo for the Orchid cane.

You can reduce that Orchid cane and make mini beads.

The Bed O Flowers was a "sampler" of 3D flowers made with the flower
petal canes. But since we can get many flower types with one cane
there's less canes used than flowers presented on that bed.

We go from the simple to the complex. All complex things like the Bed
O Flower started out with simple elements... the flower petal cane.

Now to get a grip on making flower and leaf canes one does need to
know the basics of conditioning the clay, doing blends, putting
stripes in the blends, doing chevrons, and then manipulating the
slices of those canes in different ways to get different flower and

The Sleeping Lady Index

Shows the process of going from a bald nude female figure and from
there she gets clothing (of sorts), then she gets hair, then she gets
the bed started. I showed different steps of making the Bed O Flowers
to show that starting out with the larger already cured flowers first
and then adding smaller flowers and leaves after curing makes the
process easier.

Each step along the way, outside of sculpting the figure, was easy.
I'm never going to tell you that sculpting is easy. It's not. It does
take practice, but I believe you all can learn anything you set your
minds to learn.

I'm dedicated to keeping all y'all company as you practice working on
sculpting. There's ClayMates on the list working on projects similar
to your own and if you post and share what you're working on, or what
you're stuck on your ClayMates will share their experiences with you.
That's what we did for the Face Off, group effort on sculpting faces.

But babies are not born dancing the tango. We must allow ourselves
our "baby steps" in clay and learn the basics and go from the simple
to the complex.

So as much as I LOVE the "Wowsies" and I thank you for that. I yearn
to see "I can do THAT!" because that's why I'm here. Not to wow but
to woo.

Ya, I like that last line...




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