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Pen Pals Group 2

 Sleeping Lady Index,

03-22-04: Taking the conservative route with flesh colored clay, curing between body sculpting and adding TLS clothing. Lots of curing, sanding and filing. 

Review of Sculpting Figures and Faces. 

Pen Pals Group 1

Nude Index: 13 pictures from the raw clay, first curing, filing to the point I could start putting clothing on her. 

Clothed-Index: 9 pictures of the TLS clothing and make up. Cured 3 more times.  

Hair- Index : 7 pictures of TLS hair and finished poses.

04-14-04: Bed O Flowers. 8 pictures, Taking all the flower samples from the 03-09-04 flower petal demo and surrounding our Sleeping Lady Pen Pal. She is resting on a bed of chop covered with a pressed sheet of flower petal chop.
04-15-04: Bed O Flowers with Leaves. 12 pictures. Adding leaf cane slices in the gaps and anchoring down the flowers, the First Cure, close ups, and comment.
04-15-04: End O Bed, 7 pictures. Adding smaller flowers and leaves finishes making this a comfy nest to rest in.

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