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What I'm really really tired of.... September 5, 1999

If you're looking for clay tips this is not this post you want to read. With regards to how I feel about other people proclaiming to be non judgemental about other people's life style, but REALLY ARE, here a ramble I wrote September 5, 1999. It was true then and it is true now. New List Members should read this before getting on a list that might upset tender sensibilities and preconceived notions of what sort of list this really is.
I want to thank DebJean for taking time out of her busy life and posting the most salient fact there is.

 "We are not just a craft list.
We are a family of artists that share more than techniques and
secrets of the trade. We share our lives."

Now about what I'm really really tired of....
On the Kai Estrogen Brigade I do the same sort of nurturing and soothing there as I do here. It just takes on a more vociferous tone because those gals there are bare knuckle bar room brawlers and nothing if not honest about their true feelings. They have only 165 list members and AS MANY posts as we get here.
One gal was bemoaning her lack of tits or something I forgot, but you know the deal, bad self image making her feel like her love life will never get back on track. She asked Aunty Alias (datz me gang) to give her some words of wisdom and I sent her this.
PS Auntie I await your words of wisdom. I am holding
  my breath I am so excited, Please do not take too long
  to enlighten me
  <turning blue as I excitedly wait in anticipation for wisdom>

  Sags and Wrinkles Equal Wisdom

  From my ramble index there's this piece about how one's saggy tits or balding heads for our men folks, equal wisdom.

  I sag therefore I've survived long enough to tell a tale.

  I'm tired of the tyranny of the youthful breeders now that I am post menopausal as I was tired of grown ups telling me what to do when I was a foolish youth.

  I'm tired of the tyranny of the thin, the hairy and the rich, for it makes BBW's, bald folks and the poor feel bad about shit they can't change easily or at all.

  I'm tired of the media who choke us with images of objects of desire that are impossibly beautiful making what we have at home look like chopped liver.

  I'm tired of men who are attracted to my slight Asian look, thinking I'm going to be their Yoko Ono to their John Lennon.

  I'm tired of and gave up worrying about what other folks thought of my looks, my big butt that is NOT Japanese, my art or my writings, because I only got one bitch to please at my workspace and keyboard and that's me. Everyone else can stow their opinions for good or ill or take it to the Chaplin because I'm not listening anymore. Especially to nay sayers who want to impede other people's creativity because they themselves do not create anything but misery.

  So fat or thin, hairy or not, boobs or lack of same don't mean anything in the cycle of time. It only means something if you let it. Don't let it if it makes you feel bad. Cock size, boob size, bank account size, it's all pupkis.

  So there are my words of wisdom for this Saturday afternoon and my girlfriend visiting from NYC said, "Focking A!"


  stepping down from her soap box.
I stand by that rant to the Kai Estrogen Brigade and No it is NOT my period talking.
I'm tired as a mother of a gay son about being in the closet about it. I'm tired of people taking pot shots at my gay son and the gay sons and daughters of any mother who still loves them no matter what narrow minded bigots have to say about it.
I'm tired of being a HALF Asian born in the USA and having people tell me "Oh your accent is so good." Ya, well Connecticut DOES happen to be part of the USA the last time I checked.
I'm also tired of people who proclaim that they are open minded, but when it comes down to giving gay people support, or having blacks in their home as friends, or that the disabled should have some help, that the homeless should be housed and the hungry fed and then DO NOTHING about it.
There's racism, for example. I'd rather be in the South and have some KKK'er tell me I'm a dang colored girl TO MY FACE, than to have so called "Liberals" in the North talk out of the side of their neck about racial equality and they don't have ONE colored person in their personal phone book or Christmas Card list.
So this is my IN YOUR FACE rant for the morning.
If you don't like this list, which provides love and support, nurturing and comfort to it's list members (who post) when they are going through hard times, then leave.
If you're looking for a home to be an artist, where folks will support your efforts, want to come to REALLY KNOW YOU and WHAT CARE ABOUT YOU, care if you're ok or not (thank you Barb for checking in with us daily so we know you're healing up sooths my heart) Then this is the list for you.
There are 31 other clay lists on YahooGroups, go find some place that fits with your temperament if this one doesn't.
BUT THIS LIST IS NOT CHANGING while I'm Moderator. If I get kicked off as Moderator I'll just go start another list of my own and those who want to can subscribe they will KNOW that it will be a safe haven for you no matter what your life style is.
But I'm not going to be swayed by people who don't have love of their fellow humans in their heart to accept them as they are, as GOD MADE THEM, for goodness sake. Do you think that folks would make an appointment to be harassed, hounded, killed even, for their true and personal feelings? When my son realized he was gay he became suicidal. Not because I wasn't supportive, but because as he told me...
"Momma, I don't want a difficult life."
So I told him,
"Then come out of the closet. Truth stands, lies fade. You're my baby no matter what."
So there it is then,
Moderator until I get kicked off this list.

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