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01-25-04: The Trick of Shaving Waves There's two tricks to this technique. First is to layer colors, press 2-3 sheets at the same time, slice and stack and press again. Second is to stamp the layered sheet and shave off the top layers of colors..... follow link to read more.

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 nj 120604 shaved w.  (8 photos)
shaved wave with texture plates
Created on 6/14/2004

Wave Shave Close Up Index Not a new technique, but it was new to me. 2004
WaveShave-Done Covering Tins. 2004

07-26-09: Shaved Wave Overlap. Continuation of the Shaved Wave technique, using the clay that was shaved off and layering it on sheets that have been shaved and pressed. Check the Shaved Wave Close up section to see the How-To, picture 4 especially.

01-28-04: WaveShave-Tute-Index: Checking the trim to see the How To of this technique.

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