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Highlights Index

The Year of 2004

July 2004


July 1- 27, 2004

07-01-04: Breakfast,

07-01-04-Lunch Index

Real Food to Study

  1. Ozzie Food

  2. Truffles

  3. Real Candy Samples

  4. Godiva Chocolates 

AfroAngel: Putting wings on a penpal. 07-06-04

PenPals with base:

07-04-04-Leaf Demo and Leaf PenPal:

07-08-04: She Got Face and Fringe. 

The Leaf Man Pen Base

nj 190604 doll (89 photos)
nj demo 03 July 04

 nj 071004 AbaFaceTin  (55 photos)

NJ's leaf demo on Friday night. nj 070304 leafs

07-02-04: Sanded Stone

Canewich Index


Lexx Iris Cane

Kai and Xev Busts

Abalone Fold Lady

AbaFold Ruffled Face Tin.

Lurking Man - Index

07-28-04: Lurking Man - Index, He got started in demo on Sunday and by Wednesday he got a face. 
07-26-04: AbaFold Ruffled Face Tin. A face is surrounded with ruffles and glitter. Using the left over sheet ends of the folded abalone that was used on Abalone Fold Lady below.
The Leaf Lady Pen needed to be held by someone. The Leaf Man Pen Base was called into service.
Canewich Index 07-19-04: Cane Slice Sandwich Chop



Abalone Fold Lady: 07-15-04: Index-5: TLS Make Up and three cures later.  Folding sheets and sculpting were requested in Demo so this gal was born. 07-12-04

 nj 071004 AbaFaceTin  (55 photos)

nj 071104 abalone  (20 photos)

PenPal with base: Four examples of how to get your PenPal to stand up. 07-09-04
New LEXX INDEX, 07-08-04, gathering up the usual suspects.
Kai and Xev Busts with finished Lexx Iris pins and beads. 
Lexx Iris Cane and things made of it. 

07-08-04: She Got Face and Fringe. 

What a difference some TLS and Clay Color Make. 

07-02-04: Sanded Stone: Texture sheets on layers of Premo Pearl clay then sanded. Just another trick with layered clay. 

07-04-04-Leaf Demo and Leaf PenPal:  July 02, 03, 04, 2004 we did a review of leaves in demo. Below are some screen shots of some of the leaves. 

nj 070304 leafs  (89 photos)
Created on 7/4/2004 By Ulrike in Germany

05/14/08  Now on a photo gallery page.

AfroAngel: Putting wings on a penpal. 07-06-04

This PenPal got started years ago, got put aside, brought back out and fooled with more.

Then we did an Angel Wing experiment in demo and she got her wings. 

07-01-04-Lunch Index: Some ideas of Sandwich Presentation.

07-01-04: Breakfast, with links and thumbnails to tutorials that went into making this mini breakfast. 

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