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Highlights Index

The Year of 2004

December 2004

Three Months of Rambles September to December 2004

1999 Rebuild - Mixed Chop Index

2000 Egg: Rebuilding the Egg Section.

Holy Daze

Dreidel Mini Tute

JenDoll is getting ready for the holidays.

Holiday Cooking

2004 Holiday Marathon Demo Logs

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and The First Day of Kwanzaa (or Boxing Day for the UK)

12-19-04: Sunday Unscheduled Demo: Hair on the Centaur, review of face grid, review of the hair implants.

Poinsettia Screen Shots, thank you Denise.

Denise's Poinsettia On Glass Balls

12-17-04: Friday Demo, First Half Hour, Cutting the black out of the poinsettia

12-17-04: Friday Demo : Second Log - Finish Poinsettia OverLap, start on Wreath

12-17-04: Friday Demo - Third Log - Mini Wreath and start of Pinch Pots


06-11-08:  Can't find these screen shots. They might have disappeared when Epson closed down.

257 screenshots of Friday and Saturday's demos! Replicating the PenPal feather in 3 seperate color schemes. And Holly Leaves!  Also a couple of examples of how to do Natasha beads out of Poinsettia and Tiger Chop.

Shargoose/Sharon caught these screen shots of covering the tin.

November 2004


Holy Daze

JenDoll is getting ready for the holidays.

Holiday Cooking

Bonsai Trailer Court

11-20-04: Goblin Index 

Avi Files on Sculpting the Ugly


11-19-04: Shannon filmed the sculpting of a hand 

11-19-04: Screen shots from the Demo on sculpting a hand.

Prince Of Fire Gets A Hand.

October 2004

10-24-04 EyeBall Pin

made with

eyeballs, slices of half round, flowers and leaves

Day of the Dead  past years efforts

Mexico Index - Mexico inspired clay efforts

10-01-04: Friday Night Demo Flower and leaf cane that was prepped. A surprise thing at the end.

10-13-04 Flower Jar Index Blue and dusty purple hues, 2D and 3D tricks.

10-13-04 Demo Figures: The Monk, little girl and the baby. Rose cane and metallic plaid clay cloth. 10-18-04- Flower and Leaf Mask in Black, Silver and Pearl

Rant: Don't Call Them "Dolls"

August and September 2004

Taco Lady

Hurry Cane Index

09-28-04: Faces in different scales. From half inch mini scene scale to full sized face mask the techniques are the same.  

In the Pink Mask making with fancy cane and flowers. 09-17 and 18, 2004 Demo: Snakeskin, autumn leaves, Tiger and Man with Masks

July 2004

07-01-04: Breakfast,

07-01-04-Lunch Index

Real Food to Study

  1. Ozzie Food

  2. Truffles

  3. Real Candy Samples

  4. Godiva Chocolates 


AfroAngel: Putting wings on a penpal. 07-06-04

PenPal with base:

07-04-04-Leaf Demo and Leaf PenPal:

07-08-04: She Got Face and Fringe. 

The Leaf Man Pen Base

nj 070304 leafs (89 photos)
nj demo 03 July 04

NJ's leaf demo on Friday night. Click on this link:

07-02-04: Sanded Stone

Canewich Index


Lexx Iris Cane

Kai and Xev Busts

Abalone Fold Lady

AbaFold Ruffled Face Tin.

Lurking Man - Index

June 2004

Josana, started June 20, 2004.


06-21-04: Rainbow MerCouple

June 25, 26, 27, 2004 Demo

06-25-04 Oranges

The Salad Bar, 06-27-04

Steamer Trays Index: 06-30-04

Orchid Drape PenPal Index

Index: 4 

Animal Cane Review: 06-11-04

Tongues of Fire: 06-11-04

SunSet Necklace

Three Layered Beads: 06-11-04

Rainbow Blend: 06-14-04

06-12-04: First Hour - Making Flowers in French and German.

Shaved Pot Broken on the Waves

06-13-04: First Hour - Leaf Review, Hand Blend.

06-12-04: Fourth Hour - Wood Grain. 

May 2004 Highlights

Starting your own website

05-24-04 How Proud I Am of YOU

Second Cure of the Flying Fairy

StarGazer Lily Text HOW TO

Demo Log of StarGazer Lily

Spots before my eyes Flower Petals with Spots

Tiger Lily

Stargazer Lily Cane

Mother's Day Special Flower Petal and Leaf Review

05-03-04, Adding Mass to Vosloo 

05-01-04 Purple Flower Cane Demo.


April 1- 15, 2004

04-03-04 Demo:  One cane makes many flowers.

04-09-04: Taking the canes made on 03-09-04, adding them together to make the first Orchid Canes. 

Orchid Cane Demo 04-10-04  

04-10-04 Demo Screen Shots of making an Orchid Cane.

04-12-04: Orchid Drape PenPal

04-13-04: Mini Beads

04-14-04: Bed O Flowers

04-15-04: Bed O Flowers with Leaves.  

04-15-04: End O Bed

Highlights April 15-30, 2004

Going from the simple to the complex, A Ramble

04-30-2004 Demo Log and Sample Picture: Sculpting the face

04-25-04: 001 - Turned Imhotep into MerVosloo. 

04-22-04: Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

04-22-04: Hinged Box and Cradle

Faux Wood Grain Review

04-20-04 Show And Tell

Rick Rack Index:

2001 Tigers Eye Efforts: 

Gold and Crimson Necklace

04-24-04 Be Kind To Each Other and To Yourself: 

March 2004

MerBruce-2004: Baby Index:  03-03-04

Once More With Feeling 03-08-04, Saying Good Bye to The Lobster Lady

03-10-04: 28 Hours of Demo and 28 canes

03-13-04: The Chubby Dancer Index.


03-14-04: See the screen shots that DonnaB in Sacramento caught for the female face sculpting effort. 

Arnold Vosloo-001, the study page. 

03-13-04-DemoLog Starting the figure

Arnold Vosloo, in the raw as it were. 03-14-04

03-22-04: Sleeping Lady PenPal.

Flying Fairy Raw

First Cure, 03-29-04, 9 pictures of the first curing of The Flying Fairy. 

February 2004

Kai Face Mold

Half Dozen Wood grain face mold efforts

Egypt Lady Faux wood, faux malachite, faux Egypt style

02-03-04: Wood for Soba Tray

Soba trays, some sushi trays and various pots and vessels with that faux wood technique. 

Bobbie Pins mini sushi on pins

Faux Wood Grain Chop Beads


02-25-04 Lo-Cal-Fruit and Sorbet Index

02-22-04, Bakery goods: 001

02-19-04: making bread

Italian Dinner, 

bring home the bacon. 

02-20-04: The How To on making mini bread. 

Mold Dish Index

Pie Crust

Wave Shave Close Up Index

Inro of Gold and Brown 126 screen shots

Work Space Show and Tell

January 2004

01-12-04-OneTin Index

01-11-04-TwoTins Index

01-10-04: Two Tins

Abalone Index

Jan. 22, 2004 is Chinese New Year and it is the GREEN MONKEY year.

Monkey Man First Cure.

Man And Beast Index

What colors do you need to start? 

Had a good talk with Hilda 

The Importance of Play

01-12-04 Tongues of Fire Necklace with Face Pendant

01-27-04: Review of Half Round

01-27-04:Blue Drape

Every Sleeping Fairy needs a Guard Dog

Demo Stuff

Wave Shave Close Up Index

01-28-04: WaveShave-Tute-Index:

8 Examples of the Shaved Wave

01-25-04: The Trick of Shaving Waves


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