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Highlights Index - The Year Of 2011

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

January 2011: 01-11-11: 12 hats from 2010 Christmas Eve., Astrology post 01-13-11 Earth Much? ,01-14-11 Blog Post -  We Shall Rebuild, 01-15-11 Blog Post - Fixed The PicturesReview 02-23-09: Review of Color Cards, 01-15-11 - Twelve Hats with close up shots, Ramble- “You know you’re a red neck if
February 2011: Spent the month doing crochet, made the "Scrat" a hat/scarf combination for my cousin Bonnie in Alaska, kept abreast with current events in the middle east. Nothing new to share beyond that.

March 2011 Built my son's website, the Japanese Earthquake held my focus because I have family there, the Middle East also held my attention because I am Muslim. I did crochet while keeping up with the news.

April 2011 Went to the hospital for no good reason and racked up $50K in bills, which I can't pay. Volunteered for the San Francisco Astrological Society as their new Director of Publicity and Outreach, did my first call in to a Blog Talk Radio show with Matthew Currie (with promises that we'd do it again and we did in May 2011), used the Mercury Retrograde to Re-Do a handful of slide shows into regular webpages because new browsers don't like my FrontPage 2003.
May 2011 05-13-11 Review of Mini Dishes, Leopard Lady, Astrology-Podcast, Abalone Fold Face Tin, Beads, Books, Mo-Fish Main Index, Black and Pearl Fish Scale Mini, Ivy in Hawaii Tin, Gold-Grey Lace Cane Tin, Gold and White Lace Cane, Crimson and Golden Experiments
June 2011: 12th Year Anniversary for CITY-o-Clay, Blog Talk Radio - 1womanswisdom: 6/22/11, 5p, PDT, Guest Astrologer Nora Jean Stone,  Blog Talk Radio Index, The Universe Top To Bottom: The Scale of our Solar System, 06-20-11: Lisa, Miles and Simon come to visit, First Astro Post: New Moon Solar Eclipse, New Astrology Blog
July 2011, "MsAstroStone" New YouTube Channel. New Astrology Blog where you can see the astrology YouTube videos with additional information, e.g. links to the websites I go to in order to learn more about astrology.

August 2011: 8-28-11-NJ-Site-YT-Index a whole bunch of new polymer clay videos covering colors, tools, basic how to, conditioning, blend, jelly roll, the "dreaded chevron flip", making leaves, face mold impression and a whole lot more. Just the beginning of the new phase of tutorials that will be videos.

2011-09: Eleven YouTube Videos for polymer clay tutorials: Finishing up on the Kai-leaf pendant, clayshaper face, wet-sanding, vat-o-finish, corn starch curing, deskewer beads, recycle skewers, leopard spot tube beads.

October 2011 Alice visits from Holland, I reconnect with the father of my third born son and prepare to go to the east coast to see him and do a polymer clay workshop and astrology reading. Guest on Cheryl Patton's "1Woman's Wisdom" Blog Talk Radio Show.

November 2011 I was touring the east coast for the month of November, returning home on Thanksgiving. Therefore, there are only two videos and an announcement of an upcoming guest spot on Cheryl Patton's Blog Talk Radio show "1Woman's Wisdom" on 12/13/11.

2011-December: Neck Pouch, 12-07-11: While reading "Damn youo auto correct" video, BTR w/Cheryl Patton Web page for 1WW-12-13-11, Memorial, 12-23-11 Mystery Gift, 2011 Holiday Greetings video, 02-15-2000: Peacock Cane and things made with the scraps.

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