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Pen Pals Index 2

PenPal Group 2: PenPals made in 2004, taking the simple ball point pen and covering it with sculpted bodies and giving them a mini scene as a pen base.  


Leaf Lady Index: 07-08-04, she got a face and she got a folder. 

The Leaf Lady was a result of a marathon leaf review in demo around the Fourth of July. 07-08-04 she got her own index.  
AfroAngel: Putting wings on a penpal. 07-06-04

This PenPal got started years ago, got put aside, brought back out and fooled with more. Got set aside again and today when we were doing feather experiments in Demo afterward I was left with a set of wings and her back was handy and she was unfinished.  So here she is now named the AfroAngel. 

Sleeping Lady Index, 03-22-04:

Taking the conservative route with flesh colored clay, curing between body sculpting and adding TLS clothing. Lots of sanding and filing.

Orchid Drape, a PenPal started with scrap clay and gets reconstructed. TLS Make up and Hair applied to raw clay. Short cuts and back tracking.  Continuation of the Orchid Cane experiments.


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