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Leaf Lady Index: Three sections on the creation of this PenPal and her Beau who is her "holder". He had an adventure in the oven with no props and listed over to the starboard bow. So instead of holding her upright he holds her in reclining position. Funny thing is she looks bored.

July 2004

Pen Pals Group 2

Review of Faces & Figures

Available Index


Part One

07-04-04: The Leaf Lady was a result of a marathon leaf review in demo around the Fourth of July, so I'll link her here with other sections.

Part Two

07-08-04: She Got Face and Fringe. A few days after the demo she got some details on her face and around her costume.


Part Three

07-21-04: She got a bearded fellow to be her base.  She needed to be held. I planned her to be standing upright. "Holder" beau had other plans while in the oven.


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