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Current Rants and Recent Rambles - About Canes 

Basics of Cane Design

Any picture can be used as a template for a cane
design. A smiley face or the Mona Lisa will both work
if we approach it in this way. When you draw your own
design the cane you end up making is original and not
a copy of someone else's vision. It's more personal.

For example let's say the moon side of the cane is
dark blue and the sun side is bright blue. The moon
side is filled with stars. It's up to you how ornate
it ends up really.

Lay the picture down, cover with plastic, stack clay
over the picture like the old paint by numbers
technique. Reduce to size and that's it.

I'm rebuilding The Sassy The Cat tutorial. It's the first cane I've done by using a picture of something and then building the clay over the picture. The cat's nose was done too large but when the cane was reduced it turned out pretty cute.



The next example is the Day of the Dead Skull Cane.
On this cane I goofed up the chin by not making a
complete surround. I do show my miscalculations to point out how I mess up and how you can avoid the same problem.

The main thing is by using a picture as a guide anyone
can build a cane in any design.

The three elements for cane building are...

Sheets for lines

Snakes for dots

Blends for gradated colors

If you need dots with a solid background you take a
ribbon of clay and bury snakes in it.

Leopard spot is another example of using snakes of
brown and black and wrapping them up in a ribbon of
gradiated brown as a background.

Check out AZKathy's DemoDoc on Leopard Spot.

Wood Grain is just a bunch of sheets. Take some sheets
and make bullseyes, then bury the bullseyes in flat
sheets, and you have wood grain with knots.

Again check out AZKathy's Demo Doc on how to make wood

Ok, now we have lines with sheets, spots with snakes
and blends for gradiated color. Let's say we have a
bunch of flower petal and leaf canes, for example. If
we take a few different flower petal canes and a leaf
cane or two we can build an Orchid Cane.

On that Orchid cane page you'll see examples of the
separate bits that went into an orchid cane.

By adding separate canes that have lines, spots and
blends you can make any design.

So find a Sun and Moon design or draw one yourself.
Cover with plastic and start stacking the clay over
the picture. Just make the stacked bits tall enough
that you can get your hand around it so you can start
to reduce the cane easily. Make the picture small
enough so you're not reducing a cane the size of a
double layer cake.
Here's a ramble about canes in general.


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