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Wood Grain Review part of 04-20-04 Show And Tell

9/26/2002 Wood Grain (42 photos)

06-12-04: Fourth Hour Demo Log - Wood Grain.

nj 060704 wood grain  (8 photos)  6/8/2004 Wood grain and sculpturing a face
05-14-08 on photo gallery page.

nj 120604 wood grain  (36 photos) 6/14/2004
05-14-08 on photo gallery page.

02-24-07 Faux Wood Tins


04-23-04: Faux Wood Ribbon Beads 


Fractal play with wood grain

04-22-04: Hinged Box and Cradle


And now for the Review of Faux Wood Grain

This is the new picture, the rest of the links are things that have
been shown before. If you're new or just new to faux wood grain,
check them out. The faux wood technique when made with different
colors will give you different wood grain. What colors do you need?
Check out websites that sell real wood and save a couple of pictures
and mix to match what your eye sees.

What wood needs do you have for your mini scenes? It's easy enough to
get wood for walls and floors, but what about wooden bowls, cups, Dim
Sum steaming trays? Think, trays, trims, branches, mini boxes,
anything you see that's wood around you can be simulated with faux
wood and since we can reduce the cane we can get the wood grain to be any scale we need.

If you make jewelry then you can make chop faux wood grain beads.

Remember those paper folding things we'd make. Take two strips of
paper and over lap them so they make a square accordion snake sort of thing? You can do that with faux wood grain strips. Makes very
interesting beads. Braid strips of wood grain and curl them. The
effect is like bent wood, like they do for Rocking Chairs.

You can use wood grain in face molds like what is on this page.
There's wood flowers, wood leaves, but the faces are not "wooden"
some are smiling at ya.

This is my all time favorite. No only is there only part of the face
used so we can have a sense of movement. The eyes are shifty and the
wood grain "hair" is sliced and then arranged.

This is the old wood experiments

On this page you'll see the first wood effort. It's rough and I was
still thrilled with the potential of this technique. It also uses
clay straight out of the pack, no mixing necessary.

Mini Bamboo Items

Big Fat Tip: Take your wood cane made with a bunch of bullseyes and
slew of sheets and slice it down the cane length wise. That's when
you see great wood grain. Take that slice and press it. Then take
that pressed slice and start cutting it into shapes and go nuts. Make
trays, braided wood beads, basket weave wood parquet beads, extend
Pinocchio's nose. I covered the bamboo skewers that provided the
tripod structure with the Faux Egyptian Lady.

This is my oldest and most favorite trick.

As an aside, quoted from my PCC teacher's page...
"I posted to the miniatures and polymer clay boards a thought I had
about wood grain and scale. I thought that miniaturists would be well
served if they used polymer clay to get the wood color they needed,
and reduce the wood grain canes to the scale they needed in their
mini scenes. The response from both boards was deafening silence.
Like a collective "Huh?" took place. I thought, it'll sink in, give
them time."

I'm still waiting, 5 years later.

For those who have not seen my Teacher's profile at PCC. Remember I started sharing what I know in 1999. I don't think that my teacher's profile says that. It was uploaded 2002-ish.

Stephen Ross said he laughed while typing it out.

There goes the timer, time to take these new wood experiments out of
the oven.


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