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Highlights Index of 2008

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

January: 01-05-08: Brain Massage - blogs and brain fitness, 01-03-08: Side Cut Pendant, 01-03-08: Side Cut Mirror, 01-03-08: Tiger Eye Snakes, 01-05-08 some books I'd recommend, The Hidden Tomatoes
February: Website Woes: The solution is near., 01-23-08 Wheat Bread Index, Epson Gallery Index, ClayMation Project, Year of the Rat, BH4DO/SkinTone.htm, Afro-American Skin Tone PrepSet Hair Extensions, exploring ethnic,  diversity, BH4DO/Sculpt-Mold-Iterations, BH4DO/Tools,  Edited Ramble Index and the Current Rants Index,
March:, 03-28-08: Computer wrestling, Strange Art: US-Mexico-Drug-Money
April: Mind Your Business: You Will Lose All The Rights to Your Own Art, 04-20-08 Face Molds, 04-22-08 The Guys from LA, 04-23-08 Sculpting Known Faces, Famous Face Study, 04-27-08 Faces
May: 05-05-08 Faces, 05-08-08 Add Face Mold, 05-13-08: Making a Face Mold, 05-13-08 Worktable,, March 2002 Eyeball Dice, 05-22-08 Re-Org, 05-27-08 One Tile Index
June was taken up with rebuilding the Epson albums and editing as many links to those albums as I could find.  Therefore, there was nothing new made for June of 2008.
July: 07-25-08: New Webhost HDD problems, 07-11-08 Tiger's Eye Bead Necklaces.
August: 08-01-08: Changed Webhost, 08-09-08: reinstall FrontPage extensions; 08-14-08: Fixed email contact; American Craft Council show in San Francisco, American Craft Show - 08-15-08: San Francisco
September: BH4DO- Mention in "H" mag, 09-12-08: Sad News: Alan Vernall crossed over, WIO Necklaces, "Miniature Earth" YouTube.
October: 10-03-08 Collage: WIO-Pop-Up,  Austin Polymer Clay Guild Workshop: Masks, San Antonio Polymer Clay Guild Workshop: Sculpting the female body, Wall Street Anxiety: 8 Tips to Manage Financial Stress,  10-15-08: Worktable, Review of Day of the Dead, Day of the Dead Skull Cane Tutorial, Candy Corn Pot and Pumpkin using the "pleated Pot" technique.
November: 11-23-2008: Tear Drop Striped Bead , Oil Slick Chop Index 2, 11-16-2008: Oil Slick Chop , Chop and toss, coleus
December: 12-01-2008: Tongues of Fire Beads. , 12-05-2008: Oil Slick Spiral Chop Beads ,BEADS , 12-20-08" Poinsettia "4 slice bead", 12-22-08: Poinsettia Necklace,

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