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Highlights Index 2012
December 2012 My nephew Tim O'Hare died, Jesus SnowFlake, Review of the Winter Holidays Tutorials, JenDoll is getting ready for the holidays. Holy Daze, Dreidel, Poinsettia Pen Index Poinsettia Screen Shots, thank you Denise.
November 2012: Cloud Atlas, Mission Cultural Center to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos, SomaArts Day of the Dead exhibit
October 2012: Re-editing videos for SFAS's new YouTube channel
 September 2012 Kay Taylor interview and I'm learning Expressions Web Studio 4 and working on eating my way to better health.
August 2012 Jack Fertig died, Becoming vegan is a political protest and boycott,
July 2012: Beginner's Project Ramble, Using Mini Printables with polymer clay, Astrology: April Elliot Kent Interview.
June 2012 Iím fixing to go vegan and start juicing veggies,, San Francisco Astrological Society's 20th Anniversary Party, Interview of Elliot Tanzer at SFAS
May 2012 - Review of Sculptures of Mothers with babies or children, What's up with the "too light" photos?, Brown Rose Experiment and Ant, 05/23/2012: Website Spring Cleaning and Ecommerce, Animal Review, Monthly Highlight Clean Up post Web Host move.
April 2012 April 29, 2012: Tosh Stone Fund Raiser, Moved to new web host, list of fixes, rebuilt two blogs, one website for Tosh Stone's Kung Fu training, tons of web wrangling.
March 2012 3/17/12 International Astrology Day and Robert Hand Workshop, 5 minute interview with Robert Hand. 3/22/12 1Woman'sWisdom with Cheryl Patton discussing the mob of planets that'll be in Aries. Along with an exact opposition of Chiron in Pisces with retrograde Mars in Virgo.

Major Web Admin Time Sink:

Stripping the FrontPage 2003 "Themes" from various web sections since even Internet Explorer won't recognize them. BH4DO; web sections for Para-CITY, Astrol-CITY, CITY-CraftBizAdvice, CITY-Computer.

Moving things around in the Astrology section. Created a new page Blog Talk Radio as a guest and consolidated the various guest spots scattered on the site to one place.

What is this? Spring Cleaning? Mars in Virgo retrograde?

February 2012: 1WW BTR Podcast, Conquer the Universe with Astrology BTR Podcast, TinyChat w/NCH Debut Software test,
January 2012: RIP Lex Gigeroff, LEXX UnConvention in 2001, Lex Gigeroff Index, Lex Gigeroff Picture Study  Page, AT&T/Yahoo Outage, Fiber and String: Kindle 3G w/Keyboard Cheetah Cover, NoraJean Astrology Services Associations and Events: Astrology New Service - Social Media Marketer volunteer position announcement. 

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