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Highlights Index

2003 August to December

December 2003

12-06-03 Demo: Leaf on Water covered tin.

Continuation of the Blue MerFamily

New Jewelry section

12-24-03: Christmas Eve and What Got Done

12-24-03: Christmas Eve and what got strung.

Kurt's Momma's Christmas Present

making a Dradel
GingerBread House Index

Heart Mints


GingerBread-3: Bikini Gal.

Lemonade with Ice Review

12-04-03: Cured but with no Finish on them yet.

Cured with a Finish

Sandwich Earrings


12-25-03: Kwanzaa Jar


The Table

Indian Corn

Natasha Bananas

03-10-03-ChiliePix Group

Vermont Farmhouse Jr.

12-26-03: Got it out of the box and looking at the bits.


November 2003

Holly Daze:

One Tile Tute

WebLog 11-21-03: Making the cane that makes Holly.

Epson Album with Screen Shots for Holly Daze of 2003

Making the Holly Leaf

Big Fat Tip on doing easy breezy eyeballs.

First Cure

Attach The Leaf Index

Thanksgiving Left Overs and Preparing for the Holidays

11-29-03-Demo: Holiday Cooking

Afro Couple

Lemonade Review

MerBlue-1: Uncured MerFolk Family Unit, Ma, Pa and the Kid.

MerBlue-2: Cured, fussed with a bit and unsanded. Still bald as cue balls. 

Kai3 has new Traveling Digs

The Basket Seller

Mini Glow Sticks



October 2003

 Day of the Dead efforts from Past Years

Ozzie Tucker:

Godiva Chocolates

Real Candy Draft

 Scratch Crayon Technique

10-05-03: Leopard Dish Set

Halloween Wreath

New: About Canes 

10-05-03: Ramble: For all those who are new to polymer clay

10-04-03- Polymer Clay and how to make honey  or marmalade and pots

10-04-03-Review: Juicy Mini Foods

10-02-03: Review: Sculpt What You Love

  September 2003  



Green Girl Pen Pal Index

Green Lady Index-1

Green Lady Index-2

09-19-03: Review of Faces and Figures

Review of Mini Food in a Jar 09-18-03

Sculpting Man and Beast: MerMen, Sure Why Not?

Man and Beast Index

Horse Index

Pen Pals, the first group. 

Screen Shots of the making of a Male Pen Pal. 

09-04-04: Pen Pal Demo - 1

09-05-03: DemoLog for Pen Pals -2

09-05-03: DemoLog-Pen Pals-3

09-06-03: DemoLog Pen Pals-4

09-06-03-DemoLog -5

Sleeping Lady Pen - 002


August 2003


Wisteria Index

Wisteria Beads-01-Thms

Wisteria Lei with Leaves

Sea Shells made with Polymer Clay

August is Fiji Month

Everybody must get Lei'd

Fiji Inspired Flower and Leaf Pendants

Leaf Cane with highlight on one side


Monthly Highlights Since 8/2003

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ComboTutes: New and old stuff

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