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Highlights Index 2010: No page for April or June 2010

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

January 2010: 01-18-2010: the NJ cane,  2 Hats and a new contact, 01212010 NoraJean Blog Post, I got Tweet, Tube Beads Review, 01-21-2010: Tube Bead, and JibJab 2009 video. The Year of 2009

February 2010 OOAK Doll Clothing, 02-04-10: My intention to hang out my virtual shingle as an astrologer. AstroBlog, "Say What", Valentine's Day in Aquarius?, Testimonials for my astrology readings

March 2010 Why there are no new tutorials on my website and why I have not been active on CITY-o-Clay, looking for a Website Designer, 03-05-2010: UFO Pinch Pots, Still Looking Up At The Stars, Astrology Services ,  pendants from 10-03-09


April through November: blog and astrology section changes. Random ramblings. NoraJean Design Blog:  nattering about the artistic process has been merged with the because I forgot why I thought it was a good idea to have a separate blog for design and another one for random rambling. This blog is still in WordPress format for the time being.

Astrology Services test of the b2evolution is ended. The astrologer services will be rebuilt as web pages as of 12/12/10.

04-26-2010: Tying up loose ends and preparing for a new life

First blog post after my divorce, waxing philosophical and looking forward to my new life with faith.

May 2010: The Beads that will go into the Tongues of Fire Necklaces of 2010

10 necklaces, a boatload of bead tutorials, pendant tricks and showing pictures of soft glass cord for stringing the beads.

Review of June 2010: I was going through changes because of the divorce and had a turn around in June. Decided to step back from polymer clay and pull out my sewing, knitting and crochet material out where I can find them. I spent over 10 years exploring polymer clay and my original love of sewing and needlework has gone fallow. Time to own up to my own passions. June was the turn around month. De Young Impressionism at Twilight Blog post.

July 2010

04-13-04: Mini Beads; 07-12-2010-Breakability; 07-12-2010 Smoothing ; 07-12-2010-Rings; 07-09-2010: Checking in

2010 August: 08-20-2010: Crochet - Collar, Cuffs, Fingerless Gloves, 08-22-2010 Brown Hat: Crochet, 08-23-2010: Crochet Yellow Hat, CITY-Kitchen Alchemy, James O'Barr and what I didn't know, Mixing Colors, 08-30-2010 - A more lengthy ramble.
2010-09: Vlog Index, 09-30-2010 - 9 hats, 09-20-2010 - 16 hats

My Divorce is final: 09-16-2010!

2010-10 & 11: I started to crochet and October and November got blurred together. 11-01-2010- 10 Hats, Giants win the World Series, Family: 11-07-2010: My five grand children, 11-21-10: Coming up for air, new blog post,  - Protest to Polyform for discontinuing Cobalt Blue and Zinc Yellow - they reversed their decision because of mass outcry, 11-22-10: Merged blogs, 11-23-10: Did I crochet 60 hats? , 11-24-10 Thanksgiving Eve post to CITY-o-Clay,  11-24-10: 8 hats, 2010-11-27-12 hats , 11-27-10 New Blog Post: A Dozen New Hats After Thanksgiving,

December 2010: Christmas 2010 Hallelujah Flash Mob,

 NoraJean Astrology Services, Astrology Blog has Crashed, Winter Holiday Tutorials, Renewed City-Lists Domain, A wee Pre-Christmas Ramble: new blog post. ,, The Digital Nativity, My Holiday Plans, 2010-12-06: 18 hats


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