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Highlights Index 2009

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

January 2009: 01-07-09 - Blends - 2 Color Bullseye, Leaf 01-21-09 Pendants, Ox-2009

February 2009: fixed the search page, problems with webhost, mini heart mints 02-23-09: Review of Color Cards, 01-26-09 post to COC: A bit more about SteamPunk and then some...

March 2009: 03-20-09:Spring Equinox and Sleeping in Flowers, PenPals - 03-20-09 Two Bodies, 03-25-09: Lace Drape, 03-27-09: Stress Kills, Second Pass:, Russell Brand Index, 03-31-09 Review Armature and bending limbs, AnatoMan Index update

April 2009: Books on anatomy, 04-01-09: Sci-Fi Yummy Guys, 04-05-09: Faces, Tomato Wrangling of 01-21-06 04-10-2009, 04-18-2009: Feet-O-Clay, 04-24-09: Spider Pinata, ,04-29-09: Review of Roses

Check out these sitesMay 2009: Button, Button, Who's got the button? , Blip TV an alternative to YouTube. , A Hair Raising Overview, Review of Inro Experiments, Two Great Sites you got to check out: TED and, 05-31-09: Tenth Anniversary
June 2009: Books: George Alec Effinger, K.W. Jeter - Noir, Tim Powers,  06-03-09: Blends, New Space for a new life slide show, Summer Solstice eve 2009, 06-23-09: Travel Kit Idea for Elayne: wonderful things to do with tins, Claystress in an Egg, Mini Scenes: 06-30-09, Dworkin, 1999, Jen Doll 1999, Mr. Mousie's House,

July 2009 My new crush: Bondage boy (Gunther) on Craig Ferguson Late Show, 07-07-09: RIP Michael Jackson, 07-09-09: Steampunk discussion at CITY-o-Clay, China Mieville's New Book, Blog Post, Second day of Holiday Demo: Abalone Fold Face Tin and Flower Petals and Leaves, 07-21-2009 Scrap Chop, 07-24-09 De-Skewer Beads, Shaved Wave Overlap, Review of Air Bubbles, 07-30-2009: SWOL-Tins Index

August 2009: 08-10-09: Advice for a new clayer How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Abbey Road screen shots, 08-10-09: Animal Print Beads, 08-14-09: Various Giraffe Species PDF and screen shots of a giraffe cane demo, Rebuilts: July 4, 2000: Star Flower, TLS - Lace and Printable Bead, Xev Pin 2001, Fire Beads - 06-17-2000, New: 08-25-09 Tongues of Fire Basket Weave, Out of sight, out of mind 08-31-09-Shutterfly experiment.

September 2009 - 09-01-09: Air Dried Clay and other alternatives to polymer clay. , 09-03-09: Soft Glass Tube and Connector, 09-05-09: Jack and rack, The life of a beader - 09-06-09, 09-11-09 Variations on the Tongues of Fire beads, 09-12-09 TOF Beads How-To, 03-19-07 Scrap Made  from brown rose experiment, Golden Afro PenPal and Quarter Jar enlarged pictures and captions added, 07/11/07-GoldenAfro- Eyes: 09-20-09 finally captions on the enlarged pictures. 09-20-09: Five Acres of Fear How To "swivel", 09-26-09: Five Acres of Fear Finished, 09-28-09: Ring Start; Steven M. Scotten: So thatís what a Luxographer looks like; 09-29-09: Updated FactoidHaven and New Projects

October 2009

MerMom kissing the baby, 10-03-09: WorkTable, 10-04-09 5AoF Clip On Earrings, 10-05-09: Ocean Jasper and The Challenge10-13-2009: Past Swap Items, Animal Review: From 2001 until the present, 10-17-2009 - Giraffe, 10-19-09: The rest of the pictures are up10-21-2009 BettyP's Q, TLS Translucent Liquid Sculpey, regretsy,

November 2009: Day of the Dead efforts from Past Years, 11-02-2009: Tongues of Fire Tear necklace, 11-04-2009: Silver Leaf Cane and the making of a Leaf Bead,  Scrap Index - 5, how to hinge an egg, 11-08-09: I changed the name of the Chop index from 2005-Index to "New-Index", 11-18-2009 Silver Leaf Done,  Thanksgiving Left Overs

December 2009 - 12-09-09: Save Our Site - Chanukkah, Winter Holiday Tutorials, 2001 Christmas Ramble: Buying stuff has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. , 12-09-06: 'Holiday Stress' Post to the ClayMates ,  Cowboy Hat, Mini Things


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